Early Religions

  • Period: 100 to

    Early Eastern Religions

  • 300

    Buddhism Reaches Southeast Asia

    The spread of Buddhism reached as far as Sri Lanka,but first spread in Central Asia then Southeast Asia. The spreading of the Buddist beilif began at 300 BCE.
  • 300

    The Main Gods of the Hindu Religion are Recognized

    Near 300 BC, Vishnu and Shiva became the main gods of the Hindu belief. Both gods are opposite, because Vishnu is known ase creation and Shiva was destruction.
  • 300

    Developement of Daoism(Toaism)

    By the time of 300 BC, Lao Tze developed his philopishy into a bigger field.
  • 300

    Tapism Begins to Spread

    After the death of Chuang Tzu, another philosopher, Daoism began get known throught more parts of Asia. This occured around 300 BC.
  • 405

    Buddah's Death

    Buddha, the creator of the religion, died on 405 BCE
  • 475

    Beginning of Legalism

    Legalism began in year 475 BCE and there isnt an exact founder. Legalism was also a philosophy not a religion. It was used at it's most during the Warring States Era.
  • 500

    Beginning o Shintoism

    Began in Japan around 500 BC. There isn't any founder of the Japanese religion nor sacred texts or creeds. The religion was based on the idea of the existance and power of the gods.
  • 500

    Beginning of Confucianism

    Confucias, the creator of Confuciansim, was a philosopher. There isn't an exact year, but it is around the early 500's BC. Confucias' ideas were meant to be advice to rulers and citizens. For example, he wanted poeple to respect elders.
  • 531

    Death of Lao Tzu

    Lao died on the year 531 BC. He was a student of Confucias, a poet, and philosopher. He gave CHina a new look on the world with his ideas of the letting nature do its course.
  • 550

    Beginning of Daoism

    Like Confucianism, Daoism is a philosophy not a religion. Daoism is said to have began in the 6th century BCE. It's founder is Lao Tze, a philosopher. He lived around the same time as Confucias.
  • 560

    Beginning of Buddahism

    Beginning of the religion Buddahism began around this time periodof year 560 BC. Guatama Buddha is the known founder of the religion. Buddahism began in the area of India.
  • Oct 21, 1200

    Beginning of the Sacred Texts, Rigvedas

    The ancient texts for the Hindu beliefs, also known as the Rigvedas, were wrtitten around the time period between 1200-1100 BC.
  • Jan 1, 1500

    Beginning of Hinduism

    Hinduism began around the year 1,500 BC, but there isn't a specific founder of the religion. Like Buddhism, Hinduism also began in India. Little is known on how it formed or even when it began. The beliefs of the Hindus are based on the authority of the Vedas, ancient text.
  • Confucias Dies

    Confucias', at first, didn't impact China's society too much. By the time of the Han Dynasty as the backbone of the kind of control over their people.
  • The Return of Confucianism

    By the time of the Han Dynasty, the philosophy was used as the basis for government. During the earlier dynasties, Confucianism had become lost, until its revival.