Reflection Journal: Literacy Process

  • 2nd Grade

    2nd Grade
    In the second grade I only liked math so anytime that I had to go to reading class I would try my hardest to not to be chosen on to read
  • 4th grade shenanigan's Pt1

    4th grade shenanigan's Pt1
    When I moved to Maryland from Southern Virginia I had to take an English standardized test for the school that I attended and the teachers told my parents that I did not pass
  • 4th grade shenanigan's Pt2

    4th grade shenanigan's Pt2
    The teachers recommended that I stay back another year in order to develop some more in English even though I passed math with flying colors in math, but my dad did not like the idea of me staying back so I continued on to 5th grade
  • Summer after 4th grade

    Summer after 4th grade
    The following summer my dad had me reading and writing endlessly
  • 5th Grade pt 1

    5th Grade pt 1
    Going into 5th grade I was nervous about my English class because it was another new school and new requirements so I was just a little overwhelmed after moving to another new school, but I knew that I had to thug it out.
  • 5th Grade pt 2

    5th Grade pt 2
    After the year was over I had passed all my English classes with an A average. I was so happy and proud of myself just like my parents.
  • 7th grade

    7th grade
    Once again I moved to another school and I had to adjust to the new requirements for everything and English was also going to be a struggle. New teachers and new people it was going to be hard.
  • 8th Grade pt 1

    8th Grade pt 1
    I was struggling through this years English class and my teacher wasn't making it any better.
  • 8th Grade pt 2

    8th Grade pt 2
    At the end of the year I barely passed my English class and my teacher suggested that for my freshman year I should take a seminar class in order to get back on track with English. However I did not want to I was just going to do better and then prove her wrong.
  • 9th grade

    9th grade
    At the end of my 9th grade year my English teacher came up to me and told me that I should go up to English 10 honors because of how great I did during the year by passing the class with a high B.