Reconciliation Movement

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    Reconciliation Movement

  • Indegenous Striped of RIghts

    Indegenous Striped of RIghts
    Commonwealth of Australia formed. Indigenous Australians are excluded from the census and the lawmaking powers of the Commonwealth Parliament
  • RIghts of Citizenship

    RIghts of Citizenship
    Australian Citizenship Act gives Indigenous Australians the vote in Commonwealth elections if they are enrolled for State elections or have served in the Armed Forces.
  • Redfern Park Addres

    Redfern Park Addres
    On this day ther Australian Prime minister Paul Keating made a speech at Refern Sydney. He discussed the issue, an issue of seriousness and sorriness. An apology to the aboriginal society an apology to the stolen generation.He talked about change and how Aboriginals were going to benefit aswell.
  • The Bringing Them Home Report

    The Bringing Them Home Report
    The Bringing Them Home Report act was passed by parliment on this day. It outlined the impact on how Indegenous children and society were effected by the removal of their. Many women were stripped off their child. Many of the Aboriginal children were abused and disliked the conditions of work.
  • The Sea of Hands

    The Sea of Hands
    The Sea of hands was a celebration for Aboriginal civillians organised by the ANTAR. The Day was celebrated in comemeration of ABoriginals gaing free rights and equality.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

    Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk
    The Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk comemerated the Aboriginals Society and how the gained rights and freedom back. With over 25 000 participants the day was a success in supporting Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people.
  • Corroboree 2000

    Corroboree 2000
    Created by the councill for Aboriginal reconcilit\ation to celebrate achievements of reconciliation. This event took place at the Sydney Opera House and is where the aboriginals were presented with the national recpnciliation document
  • Kevin Rudds Apology

    Kevin Rudds Apology
    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says 'Sorry' to the Stolen Generations.
  • Julia Gillard Speech

    Julia Gillard Speech
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces plans to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution.