Reconciliation Australia

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  • Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

    the reconciliation movement is said to have begun in 1967, 90% of Australians voted to remove clauses in the Australian Constitutions which discriminated indigenous Australians. As the result of the referendum, indigenous Australians were counted in the Census.
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    Reconciliation Australia

  • Stolen Generation Report

    In the early 20th century under the assimilation policy white Australians thought Aboriginal people would die out. In three generations, they thought, Aboriginal genes would have been ‘bred out’ when Aboriginal people had children with white people. The act waS PASSED ON
  • Redfern Park Adress

    10 December 1992. Prime Minister of Australia, Paul Keating, made a speech at Redfern Park in New South Wales during the Official opening of the United Nations International Year of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Keating touched on the importance of our Indigenous people and that changes will be made in the further decade.
  • Attorney General establishes inquiry into the separation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families

    The brining them home report published on 11 May 1997, it was published by the Federal Attorney general, Michael Levarch in response to Indigenous agencies and communities campaigns about the generals public's ignorance to the forceful removal of the indigenous Australians.
  • Bringing Them Home Report

    It outlined the devastating impact the child removal policies had on children and their families that were of the indigenous society. Often many of the institutions and homes in which the children were placed into were very cruel, sexual and physically abusive towards their behaviour of the children. The report told of the hard struggle of the kids that were tormented and of how many mother had felt after they were stripped of their child.
  • The Sea of Hands

    Held annually at key locations, First sea of hands was held on the 12th of October 1997. The sea of hands is a major national reconciliation campaign held by ANTaR which is an organization that is about native Australians and their rights.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge walk

    The Bridge Walk took place in the 26th of May 2000. The walk involved 25 000 people walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in support of Indigenous People.
  • Cooroboree 2000

    organized by the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation.
    Held at the Sydney Opera House on the 27th of May 2000.
    Celebrated the achievements of reconciliation and presented the national reconciliation document to Australia.
  • Appology to the Stolen Generation

    13 February 2008 is when Kevin Rudd the Prime Minister of Australia made an official apology to the stolen generation.