Rebellion of 1837

  • The 92 Resolutions Rejection

    The 92 Resolutions, a list of 92 political and economic reforms drawn up by Papineau and his supporters, called the Patriotes, are rejected by the British government.
  • Race Riots in Niagara

    Race riots are happening in Niagara ( present day Niagara Falls). Two African residents of Niagara are killed by the police, and 30-40 are jailed.
  • Fils de la Liberte

    500 young patriotes in Montreal organize a radical political organization called Fils de la Liberte, (Sons of Liberty).
  • Publication of Manifesto

    The Fils de la Liberte publish a manifesto calling for the election of a republican government in Lower Canada.
  • Against the Patriots

    The Bishop of Montreal speaks against the Patriotes. Also on this day, Brawls in Montreal between the Fils de la Liberte and the anti-patriotes Doric Club occur. The loyalists ransack the workshops of the English-language Patriote newspaper, The Vindicator, and the house of Andre Ouimet, president of the Fils de la Liberte.
  • Battle of Saint-Denis

    The British commander, Gore, attacks the Patriotes forces under command of Wolfred Nelson at Saint-Denis. After seven hours of fighting, Gore retreats in defeat, losing six men killed and 11 wounded, a rare defeat of British regulars. The rebels lost 12 killed and eight wounded.
  • Battle of St.Charles

    Wetherall's loyalist force attacks the Patriote army at Saint-Charles. Surrounding the manor of Saint-Charles, the rebels retreat after just two hours of fighting, losing 28 killed and more than 30 wounded. The British lost seven dead and 23 wounded.
  • Battle of the Windmill

    The Battle of the Windmill was a battle fought in November 1838 in the aftermath of the Upper Canada Rebellion. Loyalist forces of the Upper Canadian government defeated an invasion attempt by Hunter Patriot insurgents.