Rebecca Chapter 10 & 12

  • Maxim and Narrator go for walk

    "get a coat quickly and come out,damn the rain i want to talk"
    Maxim and Narrotor walk to the happy vally which offers the narrator a level of comfort she has not felt else where in the house. "no dark trees here, no tangled undergrowth"
  • Jasper run off the beach, New character

    "perhaps hes falled,' i said, 'poor little chap. let me fetch him."
    The narrator chaces after jasper after the rocks and come across ben on the beach who she describes has "the slit eyes of an idiot and a red wet mouth"
  • Narrator goes into boat she looking for string

    The narrator finds a fully furnished room that hasnt been in use for a long time, she wonders if its rebeccas
  • The narraor goes back to maxim

    The narrator appologises for taking so long, he turns around and walks off. She asked about the man on the beach and learns his name is ben and his father was a grounds keeper at manderly. Maxim wasnt happy to hear that the narrator went into the boat shead and that the door is supposed to be locked.
  • The boat house, the cottage in the cove bring back terrible memories

    Maxim tells the narrator that the cottage in the cver bring back terrible memories for maxim
  • Narrator and Maxim go back to house

    Frith gets them tea, the narrator takes her coat off and something falls out of the pocket onto the floor, She sees the RM on the hankichief that fell out of the rain coat pocket, she then relizes that this was rebeccas coat
  • Narrator asks frank about rebecca

    Teh narrator asks frank to tell her if rebecca was beautiful and frank respnonds by saying "yes... i supose she was the most beautiful creature i ever saw in my life"
  • CHAPTER 11

  • Narrator dosnt like the sound of the ocean

    The narrator dosnt like the sound of the ocean and is glad shes in the east wing, she begins to understand hwy some people dont like it, Narrator is worried that mentioning the ocean again will trigger more dark memories.
  • Narrator visits the bishops wife

    The narrator talks about the famous ball they used to put on at manderly when rebecca was alive, the bishops wife hopes the tradition will continue, The narrator asks the bishops wife questions about rebecca and the bishops wife says that shes beautiful, skilled at sports and knew how to throw a good party
  • The narrators return to manderly

    On her way back to manderly she sees frank walks up to the house and asks him about the costume ball the bishops wife mentioned. The narrator learns that rebeccas boat was tipped up side down and her body found 2 months later.