Family story timeline (RE)

  • Nonno's Mum Great Grandmother (born)

    Valle D Angelo - province Salerno Italy
  • Nonno's Dad Great Grandfather (born)

    Valle D Angelo - province Salerno Italy
  • Nonna's Dad Great Grandfather (born)

    Laurino - province of Salerno
  • Nonna's Mum Great Grandmother (born)

    Laurino - province of Salerno
  • Nonno (born)

    Valle D Angelo - Province of Salerno
  • Nonna (born)

    Pruno/ Laurino - Province of Salerno
  • Nonno (moved to Germany)

    Nonno moved to Germany to find work as a 17 year old
  • Nonno (moved back to Italy)

    Moved back to Italy to prepare to make a new life in Australia
  • Nonno (arrived in Australia)

    Migrated to Sydney and started work in readiness to make enough money to have my Nonna move to Australia
  • Nonna (arrived in Australia)

    Arrived in Sydney about 5 days before she married Nonno
  • Nonno and Nonna (Dad's parents) (marriage)

  • Zio Carlo- uncle (born)

  • Zia Angela auntie (born)

  • Nonna Nonno moved to Melbourne

    The reason they moved to Melbourne was because more friends migrated from their home towns of Italy to establish a stronger networks
  • Dad (born)

    My Dad is the youngest of 3 children and was born in Melbourne
  • Mum (born)

    Mum is the 2nd of 3 children and was born in Melbourne
  • Nonno's Mum (death)

  • Nonna's Dad (death)

    My Nonno travelled to Italy to see his mother before she died, however when he left his father in law was alive and we he landed in Australia he sadly died
  • Nonna's Mum (death)

    Christmas is special for my Nonna as her mother sadly died on Christmas day
  • Nonno's Dad (death)

  • Mum and Dad (marriage)

  • Stella born (sister)

  • Me (born)

  • Billy born (pet dog)

  • Europe Holiday

    Visited where my Great Grandparents and Grandparents were born, raised and lived before migrating to Australia, and I visited some really old houses and it had a heap of history about my family