Rajon Rondo

  • Rojon Rondo was born

  • Junior Year of Highschool

    Junior Year of Highschool
    Rojon attends Eastern High School, where he began to blossom as a player his junior year.
  • Senior Year

    Senior Year
    As a senior he attended Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, where he drew attention from college coaches.
  • Heads Towards Kentucky

    Heads Towards Kentucky
    Rondo was a McDonald’s All-American, played in the Jordan Capital Classic game, and had committed to the University of Kentucky.
  • Rajon plays for Kentucky

    Rajon plays for Kentucky
    Rajon spends 2 years playing for Kentucky
  • Drafted into the Nba

    Drafted into the Nba
    Rajon is drafted into the Nba his sophmore year
  • NBA

    Even though Rondo had proved himself to be a great talent with unbelievably large hands, long fingers, great ball-handling skills, speed and quickness, some coaches questioned his leadership skills and his shooting ability. But there was one team that couldn’t keep their eyes off of him, the Boston Celtics.
  • Playing time

    Playing time
    He played well, with 23 points, six rebounds, six assists and four steals, but he did not secure his starting position.
  • Starting

    Rajon started in 22 of bostons last 23 games
  • Making a Name

    Making a Name
    In his second season, Rondo started in 77 games, including all 26 playoff games. In the Celtics’ final game, Rondo had 21 points, eight assists, seven rebounds and six steals as Boston defeated the Los Angeles Lakers at home for the 2008 NBA Championship.
  • NBA title

    NBA title
    Rajon Rondo wins an NBA title with the Celtics in his 1st year as a starter
  • Breaks Record

    Breaks Record
    Rondo breaks Bob Cousy’s franchise record for the most assists in a season.
  • Makes the USA team

    Makes the USA team
    Rajon was roostered for the USA team to go to turkey
  • Making History

    Making History
    The 6-foot-2 point guard from Louisville, Ky. has been impressing everyone since the end of his rookie season, and he just keeps getting better and better. Now, at 24 years old, he is the face of the most storied franchise in NBA history.
  • Rajon Rondo Today

    Rajon Rondo Today
    Rajon rondo today averages 15 points a game, and is striving towards a boston championship. He now considered one of the nbas most precious players.
  • Daughter is born

    Daughter is born
    daughter Ryelle is born