Ragnarok illustration


  • 250 BCE

    the death of baldr

    the death of baldr
    long had frigg known that the death of her son was the first sign that ragnarok. frigg knowing thats baldr death was the first sign of ragnarok she put a spell on him so he would not die. but loki found his weakness and loki use this to kill baldr
  • 225 BCE


    the 2nd sign that ragnarok is going to happen is the long winter. For three years the world suffered through three long and harsh winters .Fenrir broke his chains, the Midgard Serpent Jormangandr woke up, and the dragons stirred - havoc and destuction was wrought across Midgard as the Jotun Born they made their way to Hel's halls.
  • 150 BCE

    the world goes dark

    the world goes dark
    the sun sol and the moon mani where swallowed by Hel's wolf Garm putting the world in to a great darkness as the star stop being visibly. and this is the 3rd sign of ragnarok
  • 75 BCE


    The last sign of Ragnarok is that at last, the Jotun Born make it to the gates of Helheim, and with their roaring and thundering, the ship which will carry the dead of out Nifelheim is freed from its moorings. As the dead set sail will Hel and Loki, at last freed from his chains, at the prow; Ragnarok begins.
  • 17 BCE

    ragnarok last

    Heimdall, weakened from his fight with Loki, staggered to the entrance to the rainbow bridge as humans, Gods, Einherjar and some few JotunBorn fled across. With a last look across the bridge, he sealed it, leaving freya to gallop across as fast as Sleipnir could run, before the bridge was completely cut off.
  • 16 BCE


    The forces of Hel were gaining ground, and the remaining Gods started to worry. Ragnarok was meant to be the end; but it was to be the end of all, not the end of only those of Asgard; and yet Hel's forces kept coming, and coming. They were pushed back, and back. Freya, seeing what was happening, took Odin's horse Sleipnir, now bereft of his former master, and did her best to round up those she could towards the bifrost
  • 15 BCE

    ragnarok 5

    foes both finally had their chance to kill the other. Thor succeeded in felling the great snake with the blows of his hammer. But the serpent covered him in so much venom that he could not stand for much longer. Magni and Modi recovered their fathers Hammer, but something was wrong.
  • 14 BCE

    ragnarok 4

    Another giant wolf, Garm and the god Tyr slay each other as Garm lands from eating Sol and Mani. Heimdall and Loki face eachother down, and after a brutal battle Heimdall finally put an end to the trickster’s treachery, but best in the process Loki's blade sliced into Heimdall, weakening him. The god Frey and the Jotun Surtr were the end of eachother; Frey stopping Surtr from reaching Midgard to burn the world. Thor and Jormangandr, age-old
  • 13 BCE

    ragnarok 3

    though his victory is short as one of Odin’s sons, Vidar, slew the wolf in silent fury, avenging his father. On one of his feet will be the shoe that has been crafted for this very purpose; it has been made from all the scraps of leather that human shoemakers have ever discarded, and with it Vidar will hold open the monster’s mouth. Then he will stab his sword through the wolf’s throat, killing him.
  • 10 BCE

    ragnarok 2

    Odin fought Fenrir, the giant wolf and a son of Loki, who's hatred of him Odin himself fed. Fenrir's vengeance will be swift, but short lived. At his side stood the Einherjar; the host of his chosen human warriors whom he had kept training in Valhalla for just this moment. and the warriors of Folkfangr under Freya. Odin, Freya and the champions of men fought more valiantly than anyone had ever fought before. But it wasn't enough. Fenrir will swallow Odin
  • 9 BCE

    Ragnarok starts

    The events of Ragnarok shook the world. It was not just only the doom of man but also the end of the reign of the Gods and Goddesses. It will be the final clash between the Aesir and the Jotun As the signs show themselves, the Gods ready themselves with their halls on Asgard. When the day comes, and the battle is to be fought, despite knowing what the prophecies have foretold the Aesir and the Einherjar march across the bifrost. The most powerful amongst them will die, but they march anyway