Radio/Music History

  • Piano Sonata No. 28

    In 1816, Beethoven completed his manuscript for piano sonata no. 28
  • First radio signal

    In 1895, an Italian named Marconi sent and recived the very first radio signal ever.
  • Telefunken

    In 1903, the company telefunken was founded as the "Telefunken society for wireless telefon."
  • US Patent Office

    In 1904, Marconi was awarded a patent for the invention of the radio.
  • Audion Tube

    In 1906, Lee De Forest created ( or borrowed ) the audion tube, which is a vacuum tube that amplifies signals.
  • Nobel prize in physics

    In 1909. Marconi and Karl Ferdinand Braun, were awarded the "Nobel Prize of Physics"
  • Titanic

    In 1912, the Titanic sank. If it wasn't for the radio, every single person on that ship would of died.
  • First radio broadcast

    In 1916, the first radio broadcasts were aired on 9XM, which is now WHA.
  • KDKA

    In 1920, 8XK, which was later renamed KDKA, was created. KDKA still aires to this day.
  • WEAF

    WEAF aired a 10 minute commercial for an apartment complex, charging $50 total.
  • FRC

    FRC had been established.
  • Radios in homes

    By 1933, 2/3 of Americans had radios inside their homes.
  • Transistorized Radio

    In 1960, Sony introduced their first Transistorized radio, which was small enough to fit inside someones pocket.

    In 1978, WUCFFM started playing jazz music, and still is to this day in Orlando.

    In 2004, the industry-wide fees payable to ASCAP was $176 million.