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Radio History

  • Radio Inventor

    Radio Inventor
    Macroni invents first radio signal
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    Radio History

  • Radio Concept Sold

    Radio Concept Sold
    Marconi sold concept to Marine industry
  • Audion Tube

    Audion Tube
    Lee De Forest created the audion tube, a vaccum big tube that amplified signals
  • First Radio Station

    First Radio Station
    Started out as 8VK later changed to KDKA created by Frank Conrad. KDKA is still a radio sation in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Personal Radio Stations

    Personal Radio Stations
    People who had their own radio sations where known a "Uncle Charlie". Uncle Charlie's became to popluar and got in the way of companys advertising.
  • FRC

    FRC means Federal Radio Commission.The FRC law was made because to many "Uncle Charlies" got in the way of advertising and people couldn't hear companys advertisement.
  • Family Time

    Family Time
    Radio Provided an escape for people in the 30's and 40's. During that time war and the Great Depression was occuring.
  • AM and FM

    AM and FM
    FM is Frequency Modulation is just frequency change in the waves. AM is Amplitude Modulation a change in wave height.
  • Golden Era

    Golden Era
    During the Golden Era famous shows like; Gusmoke, Amo and Andy, and $64 Dollar Question. Tv shows were played on radio becuase Tv's weren't invented yet
  • Call Letters

    Call Letters
    Call Letters were ment to identify different stations. W refers to the east of the Mississsippi River and K refers to the west of the Mississippi river
  • D-Day

    This event was an invasion by the Allied Expeditionary Force that lead to the fall of Nazi Germany. Also a big event for Radio to broadcast about
  • Tv Appearance

    Tv Appearance
    Now Tv's are invented. Advertisers went to Tv; the radio shows were now on Tv therefore radio started losing money. Music is what saved radio. The only place you could hear music was a: Jukebox, records, or live concerts.
  • Grammy Awards

    Grammy Awards
    The inaugural Grammy Awards were held in 1954. The Grammy's not only recogonzie artists for music but other awards also.
  • Edwin Armstrong

    Edwin Armstrong
    Edwin made FM transmitter which made stronger signal and higher quality. Talk on AM; music on FM.
  • VMA Awards

    VMA Awards
    The first VMA on MTV was in 1984 featuring Madonna.