Project Innovation

Timeline created by michael ferreira
  • First ever television made

    First ever television made
    The octagon television was made in 1928, it was the first ever mechanical television it was made by general electric, this tv was powered with spinning wheels, this television hade a 3 inch screen
  • baird

    This television was made in England, this television was about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall. it played the first ever live broadcast. It it transmitted the first wireless moving images.
  • Emyvisor (French TV)

    Emyvisor (French TV)
    This television was created in 1936, It was created by John Logie Baird. This television increased the image by making the screen bigger to 8 inches. This television plays at 25 frames per second. This television was vision only so you had to buy a separate radio.
  • marconi

    This tv was made in 1938, this television was created by Guglielmo Marconi. It had a 7 inch screen. This television was more then 100 pounds.
  • Motorola "Golden View"

    Motorola "Golden View"
    This tv was created in 1948, this tv was the best and most affordable at the time. This tv came portable and tabletop. This tv cane go up to 8 stations.
  • sharp tv

    sharp tv
    The sharp tv was created in 1953. This was created by Tokuji Hayakawa. This tv was made in Japan. This tv was 14 inches. It has a wooden frame. This was one of the most television at the time.
  • Philco Predicta

    Philco Predicta
    This tv was made in 1958, and it was created by Catherine Winkler and Richard Whipple. It had a 21 inch screen that can swivel on its tube.
  • HDTV

    The HDTV was also created in japan. The HDTV was created in 1981 but did not go popular intel latter on.
  • Sony FD Trinitron WEGA

    Sony FD Trinitron WEGA
    This tv was created in 1998. It was the first tv to have built in VCR and DVD player. It had a lot of more channels then any other tv at that time. The screen size got really improved and it was the biggest sized screen in all tv's at the time.
  • Flat-Panel TV's

    Flat-Panel TV's
    This flat-panel tv was created in 2007, the person who created this was Donald Bitzer. This tv was flat and had high resolution for the time. These televisions become really popular and Samsung became the best seller for tv's after this tv was released.
  • Smart TV's

    Smart TV's
    The smart tv was created in 2012. This tv was really futuristic, you can download multiple apps and it can connect to the internet. Samsung was the company that made the tv.
  • curved tv

    curved tv
    This tv was created in 2013. This tv is suppose to give you best viewing angle form anywhere. Its 100 times faster then any other tv. The curved tv is supposed to be the bets tv in all ways.