The Decline and Progress in Canada

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  • World War I Begins (Social)

    World War I Begins (Social)
    Britain declares war with Germany. Canada is a part of the Britain colonies so Canada also engaged in this gruesome war. This war has had caused many negative and positive impacts towards Canada. Females, for example have earned their rights and more improved war technology has been developed. On the contrary, this war had also caused Canada to be debt and lost millions of lives due to the war. Furthermore, I would rank this event +1 (some progress)
  • The Second Battle of Ypres (Social)

    The Second Battle of Ypres (Social)
    The Second Battle of Ypres is also another major battle the Canadian soldiers fought. Even though the Germans used gas bombs as a way of self defense, Canada fought back and adapted to the change of fighting style. Despite the fact that gas bombs were used, the Canadian soldiers managed a way to win and bring home a victory. I would rank this event at +1 ( progress for Canada)
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge (Social)

    Battle of Vimy Ridge (Social)
    On April 12th, 1917 Canada won the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Canadian soldiers approached the opposing country as a whole unit and were able to defeat the German soldiers. Canada may have lost a lot of soldiers during the battle but it is still an important battle to Canadian history. I would rank this event at +2 ( a lot of progress)
  • Borden Announces Military Service Act (Political)

    Borden Announces Military Service Act (Political)
    Prime Minister, Robert Borden introduced the Conscription in May. This act was made so that male citizens between the ages of 20 to 45 must work for the military service. Many problems quickly arose because male citizens were forced to join the military since there were a low number of soldiers fighting in war. Moreover, people were not pleased with this act which caused a division between English and French Canadians. Overall, I would rank this even at -2 (decline for Canada).
  • Women Got The Right To Vote (Social)

    Women Got The Right To Vote (Social)
    Since a lot of men were serving in war in Canada, there were not many men in Canada that were eligible to vote. This is why women have modified the law and won the right to vote. This is significant to Canada's history as it has helped women to come one step closer to having the same and equal rights as men. I would rank this event +2.
  • Halifax Explosion (Social)

    Halifax Explosion (Social)
    The Halifax explosion happened on December 6th 1917, in Nova Scotia, Canada when two ships collided. The SS Mont Blanc, a French ship was arriving from New York City carrying nuclear military weapons. When the two ships collided the weapons exploded and nearly 2,000 people died and 9,000 were severely injured. Furthermore, I would rank this event at -1 (decline for Canada).
  • End Of World War I (Economic)

    End Of World War I (Economic)
    On November 11th 1918, at 11:00 am the war ended. The Germans surrendered. This event is so significant to Canada because they did not need to fund the war anymore since the government was already in debt. Many Canadians celebrated this victory and honoured all the fallen soldiers who took place and contributed in this war. This day is also known as Remembrance Day. I would rank this event at +2 ( a lot of progress for Canada)
  • Residential Schools (Social)

    Residential Schools (Social)
    On January 20th, 1920 it was mandatory for all Aboriginal children to attend Residential Schools. Residential schools were made so that these children would have their cultural habits and practises taken away from them. Instead, they would religiously learn the European culture and lifestyle. These poor children were tortured and abused on a daily basis. This is significant to Canada's history and many people from the Aboriginal community are still traumatized. I would rank this event at -2.
  • Discovery of Insulin (Social)

    Discovery of Insulin (Social)
    Frederick Banting and Charles Best both studied at University of Toronto and majored in physiology and biochemistry. They began their science experiments in May. On July 27th, 1921 they both discovered a chemical which helps control blood sugar in people who have diabetes. This is a major event and a turn point in Canada because this discovery is very significant in the medical industry. I would rank this event +2.
  • Agnes Macphail Gets Elected (Political)

    Agnes Macphail Gets Elected (Political)
    Agnes Macphail is the first women to get elected as a member of Parliament in the House of Commons. She is a very important person to Canada because she has contributed to many social and political changes. For instance, she championed the rights for miners, immigrants, women and alienated groups. In addition, she also helped bring a reputation towards women. Moreover, I would rank Agnes Macphail at +2, she brought a lot of progress for Canada.