Professional Career

  • MSU Student - Working towards Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education - Social Studies Certification.

    I began my journey to becoming a teacher. On the same day my daughter began 3rd grade and my son began kindergarten.
  • Added Art Certification for a Second Teaching Area.

  • Period: to

    Student Teaching at Sulphur High

  • FINALLY - Graduation. Goal Achieved!

    I did it! After 6 1/2 years I finally received my 4 year bachelor's degree. :)
  • DeQuincyHigh School - First Paying Teaching Job

    A paycheck!!! Medical Insurance!!! Now I have no excuses to not go roller skating.
  • HIred at Sulphur High to teach US Hist. & Psych.

    American History and Psychology
  • Becoming Mrs. Hearnsberger

    On this day I went from Mrs. Broussard to Mrs. Hearnsberger, and there hasn't been a dull moment since.
  • Begin working on Masters in EdTech

    I started taking two classes a semester.
  • Yearbook Sponsor!

    After 2 years of helping the Yearbook sponsor, I was appointed as the yearbook sponsor. Unfortunatly, this means I had to loose Psychology. I was not too happy about that at first but only having one prep has been great.
  • A semester of Madness

    I signed up for 3 classes, planning to drop one and then missed the drop day. I must say after the dust has settled a bit and I have gotten a grasp on what all is required, I think everything is going to be okay.
  • 2011 Yearbook Arrived - Realizations

    This was a big day for me. After a LOT of work, setbacks, and learning lessons the yearbook finally came in. I include this because to me it was a big point in my life. Not only was it the first time I was involved with having something published but it has also helped me to realize that I want to teach art as soon as a position opens.
  • Mrs. Ardoin and I

    Mrs. Ardoin agreed to be my guinee pig for this semester. It will be a valuable experience for me. Mrs. Ardoin is a fountain of knowledge and yet an eager student, rolled into one fiesty lady.