Private Joseph Saberton

  • Syracuse

    They are laying in Syracuse, waiting for further orders
  • St. Louis

    St. Louis
    They are now in St. Louis and shwoing little signs of movement with only 500 men good to fight since many are sick with measles and other things.
  • Pay Day

    Pay Day
    The soldiers were paid today and Joseph was happy about it.
  • Advanced on the p center line

    Advanced on the p center line
    He went on a picket and they had a "warm time" doing it. They killed two rebels that were also on a picket and they belonged to the 14th Illinois.
  • Sent 40 dollars in this letter

    Sent 40 dollars in this letter
    Joseph sent this letter with 40 dollars in it since it was pay day. The 40 dollars was for him when he got back from war or if he got killed it was for his brother, sister and Sarah Rhodes to keep.
  • LaGrange march

    LaGrange march
    They caught six guerillas while marching from Lagrange Tennessee.
  • Bolivar

    They arrived in Bolivar on September 16 after leaving Memphis on September 5th. They are expecting an attack from 30,000 but they are ready because the night before they had 4 trains of solider come and join.
  • Memphis

    He is in Memphis as he has been for the last 5 months and a lot of people are turning to the union

    Joseph is not feeling good. Captain Dablin is under arrest for going home without leave. Joseph was thinking about but now he won't.
  • Nashville Tennessee

    Nashville Tennessee
    He is in good health now and they have left Memphis. They are in Nashville now, waiting for their equipment so they can start heading for Decatur, Alabama.
  • Dectaur Alabama

    Dectaur Alabama
    They arrived in Alabama and they have been busy with fights with the rebels. They have lost 2 men in the last fight.
  • Jones Borough

    Jones Borough
    They cut the rebels communications off and they met them and the rebels left their dead and wounded men on the field. They captured a lot of prisoners'.
  • March for camp near Savanah Georgia

    March for camp near Savanah Georgia
    They got to the camp near savannah Georgia and found that the rebels left their big guns there.
  • 150 dollars sent

    150 dollars sent
    Joseph sent 150 dollars to his wife for Christmas which is equal to $1,761 of todays money.