Pride & Prejudice Plot Timeline

  • Bingley moves to Netherfield

    Mr Bingley has moved to Netherfield and Mrs Bennet is urging Mr Bennet to meet him as she believes he would be a great husband for one of her daughters.
  • Meryton Ball

    This is where the reader is first introduced to Mr Darcy and the Bennet sisters. It is also when the reader meets Mr Bingley. Mr Darcy refuses to dance with anyone and offends/insults Lizzie.
  • Jane becomes ill

    Jane falls ill whilst on a visit to Netherfield because it rained on her way there. Mrs Bennet = delighted as she had hoped for something to keep Jane at Netherfield for longer.
  • Elizabeth visits Jane at Netherfield

    Elizabeth goes and visits her ill sister at Netherfield - during this time Darcy falls in love with Lizzie.
  • Collins arrives in Longbourn

    Mr Collins, Elizabeth's cousin arrives at Longbourn, he is the only male heir of the family. Mrs Bennet doesn't really like him as she believes he will still their home.
  • Wickham is introduced

    The character of Mr Wickham is introduced to the reader. He tells Elizabeth of his feud with Mr Darcy, Elizabeth believes him as he makes Darcy appear cruel. Dislikes Darcy further.
  • Collins proposes to Elizabeth

    Collins proposes for the first time to Elizabeth, she rejects him but he doesn't seem any less certain . Orignially planned to propose to Jane but didn't because of Bingley.
  • Mr Collins and Charlotte are engaged

    Charlotte settles for Mr Collins as she believes marriage should be about security and not about love. She is content (maybe slightly happy) about her marriage.
  • Bingley leaves

    Bingley leaves and thus causes Jane to be heartbroken.
  • Collins and Charlotte leave for Hunsford

  • Elizabeth and the Gardiners visit London

  • Elizabeth visits Charlotte

    Lizzie visits Charlotte and meet Lady Catherine. Mr Darcy and Fitzwilliam also visit.
  • Darcy proposes to Elizabeth

    Darcy decalres his love for Elizabeth and proposes. She refuses his proposal after learning about his interferance with Jane and Bingley.
  • Darcy writes a letter to Elizabeth

    Darcy writes a letter to Elizabeth explaining his part in Bingleys life and Mr Wickham.
  • Elizabeth leaves for London, Darcy also leaves.

  • Jane and Elizabeth return to Longbourn

  • Lydia leaves Longbourn with the Forsters

  • Elizabeth, with the Gardiners, visits Derbyshire.

  • Elizabeth visits Pemberly. - Darcy arrives.

    Elizabeth visits Pemberly with the Gardinersm, whilst there she runs into Darcy.
  • Elizabeth meets Darcy's sister

    Elizabeth meets Mr Darcy's sister whilst at Pemberly.
  • Lydia elopes with Wickham

  • Elizabeth finds out about Lydia.

    Elizabeth receives Janes letter about Lydia eloping with Wickham. She is upset as she believes she could have prevented it from happeneing.
  • Mr Gardiner writes to Mr Bennet

    Mr Gardiner tells Mr Bennet that Mr Wickham and Lydia are to marry/will be married. They visit Longbourn a few days after their wedding.
  • Elizabeth writes to Mrs Gardiner

    After the visit and news of Lydia's marriage, Elizabeth is suprised to find that Mr Darcy was at L's wedding. She writes to Mrs Gardiner asking why he was there.
  • Bingley returns to Netherfield.

  • Darcy and Bingley call on the Bennets

    Darcy reveals to Bingley about his interferance with B and J.
  • Bingley proposes to Jane

  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh visits Longbourn

    She warns Elizabeth against marrying Darcy because his union had already been planned 'while in his cradle' to her daughter and she believes Elizabeth to be below him and of no importance. Elizabeth disagrees with LCdB.
  • Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, she accepts.