210px pride n prejudice

Pride and Prejudice

By hfraser
  • Bingley arrives at Netherfield

  • Period: to

    Pride and Prejudice timespan

  • Meryton Ball

    This is the first time we meet Mr Darcy. Jane and Bingley dance together frequently. Mr Darcy insult Elizabeth.
  • Militia regiment arrive

    This is important as the regiment are flirted with by Lydia and Kitty.
  • Jane visits Netherfield and falls ill

    It rains on her journey to Netherfield so Jane becomes ill. This is what Mrs bennet hoped for, as it means Jane must stay at Netherfield and therefore ensure Bingley's attractions.
  • Elizabeth goes to Jane at Netherfield

    Elizabeth feels she must see Jane and comfort her so she travels to Netherfield on foot (much to the amusement of Bingley's sisters). This is key as this is the time when Mr Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth.
  • Mr Collins arrives at Longbourn

    Collins is important as he is the only male heir to the Longbourn estate, and he will therefore rob the Bennets of their home when Mr Bennet dies. He is the cousin of the Bennet sisters.
  • Wickham is introduced and he tells Elizabeth about his childhood feud with Darcy

    He makes Darcy seem cruel and selfish, and himself seem innocent. Naturally Elizabeth believes him as he appears so genuine and has a lovely manner.
  • Collins proposes to Elizabeth, she refuses

  • Collins and Charlotte Lucas are engaged

  • Bingley leaves Netherfield

  • Jane goes to London with the Gardiners

  • Charlotte and Collins marry and leave for Hunsford

    Meanwhile Jane does not meet Bingley in London.
  • Elizabeth visits Charlotte at Hunsford

    Darcy and Fitzwilliam arrive and visit.
  • Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, she refuses

    Having learnt (from Fitzwilliam) about Darcy's interference in Bingley life with reference to Jane.
  • Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter explaining his part in Bingley ans Wickham's lives

  • Darcy leaves, Elizabeth goes to London

  • Elizabeth and Jane return to Longbourn, Lydia goes with the Forsters

  • Elizabeth visits Derbyshire with the Gardiners

  • Lydia elopes with Wickham.

    Mr Bennet then goes to London in search of Lydia.
  • Elizabeth visits Pemberley, and Darcy arrives

    Elizabeth meets Darcy's sister, Georgina and the Bingleys.
  • Jane's letter informing Elizabeth of Lydia's elopement arrives.

    Elizabeth leaves, after telling Darcy.
  • Mr Gardiner writes to Mr Bennet telling him that Lydia and Wickham are to be married

    In the following days after their marriage they visit Longbourn.
  • Elixabeth writes to Mrs Gardiner

    Having been told by Lydia that Darcy attended the wedding between her and Wickham. She asks for an explanation. Mrs Gardiner quickly replies and informs Elizabeth that Darcy paid a visit to Mr Gardiner having found Lydia and Wickham when no one else had.
  • Bingley returns to Netherfield.

  • Bingley and Darcy call on the Bennets

    Darcy confesses to Bingley about his motives for interfering between him and Jane.
  • Bingley proposes to Jane, she accepts

  • Lady Catherine de Bourgh visits Longbourn

    She challenges Elizabeth having heard of her and Darcy's closeness. She wants her daughter to marry him.
  • Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, she accepts him

    So Jane and Bingley marry, and Elizabeth and Darcy marry. The end.