Presidents Timeline

By firecat
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    George Washington

    indian intercourse act- US would regulate trade and interaction with indian tribes.
    Whiskey Rebellion- farmers protest on the excise tax on whiskey
    Hamiltonian National Bank- exteneded credit as well as print a uniform currency for the US.
    Jay's Treaty- treaty with Great Britian, because they were occupying terrirory near the great lakes, inciting indians to attack US settlers after the War for Independence
    Pickney's Treaty- established florida's boarders with Spain and trade on Mississippi R.
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    John Adams

    Alien and Sedition Acts- restricted the rights and freedoms of foregeign residents of the US. power to deport immigrants in times of war and imprison suspected aliens. (S) fines and imprisonment for anyone who did anything to offend the nature of the government.
    XYZ affairs- french diplomates who demanded a bribe from the US to negotiate.
    Quasi War- was an undeclared naval war as a result of the XYZ Affair.
    Kantucky and Virgina resolves- the Congress could only enforce laws specified.
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    Thomas Jefferson

    Louisiana Purchase- land bought from Napolean during his war. Was bought under the pretwext of being a treaty, and was used for agrarian purposes.
    embargo act- US ships weren't permitted to leave for any foreign ports because of impressment.
    Non intercourse act- no trade with France or England because they were seizng US ships.
    Marbury v Madison- led to judiciary review
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    James Madison

    treaty of ghent- ended war of 1812
    war of 1812- trade restriction placed on US after Neapolionic wars by England
    Macon's Bill NO.2- prohibition of trade with France and Britain unless they stopped their attacks on US ships.
    i hav more on my popplet, but it wldnt fit
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    James Monroe

    Era of Good Feeling- the disappearence of the federalist gave way to the rise of a Republican governed society.
    Missouri Compromise- missouri entered the US as a slave state when Maine entered as a free state.
    Denmark Vesey's Conspiracy- slave revolt with hopes of freedom in Haiti, but was eneded due to the betrayal of fellow slaves.
    panic of 1819-
    monroe doctrine- Europe couldn't colonize in western hemisphere and US would stay out of European affairs.
    adams-onis treaty-
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    John Quincy Adams

    Corrupt Bargain- Henry Clay gave his support to Adams so that Jackson wouldn't win the election.
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    Andrew Jackson

    indian removal act- Jackson's measure that allowed stated official to override federal protection of the natives.
    trail of tears- forced march of the Cherokee from Georgia to the west.
    nullification crisis- sectional crisis in which a state's rights party in south carolina attempted to nullify federal law.
    Specie Cicular- land could only be purchased with hard currency (silver and gold) led to...
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    Martin Van Burren

    Panic of 1837- people were running to withdraw their gold and silver but the bank didn't have it.
    "Van Ruin"
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    WIlliam Henry Harrison

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    John Tyler

    Annexation of Texas- the people of Norhtern Mexico wanted to ceced into the US, but the north US was apposed to this because it would it increased the power of the south and leed to a war with mexico, but in the end texas was annexed into the US.
    Treaty Wanghin- US got the right to trade with China as well as legal right in China.
    Webster Ashburton Treaty- settled dispute over Maine's boundary with New Brunwick.
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    James Knox Polk

    Seneca Falls Convention- first convention for women's equality
    sufferage- fighting for voting rights
    abolition-fihting for the end of slavery