By boofuz
  • Woodrow Wilson

    Took office: March 4th ,1913
    Left Office: March 4th, 1921
    Led U.S through WWI.
  • Warren G. Harding

    Took Office: March 4th, 1921
    Left Office: August 2nd, 1923
    Died in office.
  • Calvin Coolidge

    Took Office: August 2nd, 1923
    Left Office: March 4th, 1929
    Roaring 20's.
  • Herbert Hoover

    Took Office: March 4th, 1929
    Left Office: March 4th, 1933
    Stock Market crashed, beginning of Great Depression.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Took Office: March 4th, 1933
    Left Office: April 12th, 1945
    Helped pull America out of Great Depression, and WWII.
  • Harry S. Truman

    Took Office: April 12th, 1945
    Left Office: January 20th, 1953
    Helped during Korean War, start of Cold War. Survived attemped assassination.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower

    Took Office: January 20th, 1953
    Left Office: January 20th, 1961
    Helped end Korean War.
  • John F. Kennedy

    Took Office:January 20th, 1961
    Left Office: November 22nd, 1963
    Cold War, Space Race, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missle Crisis, Civil Rights Movemnet, assassinated.
  • Lyndon B. Johnson

    Took Office: November 22nd, 1963
    Left Office: January 20th, 1969
    Civil Rights, "Great Society".
  • Richard Nixon

    Took Office: January 20th, 1969
    Left Office: August 9th, 1974
    Negotiated a ceasefire with North Vietnam in 1973, Resigned from office after admitting to Watergate.
  • Gerald Ford

    Took Office: August 9th, 1974
    Left Office: January 20th, 1977
    Pardoned Nixon, was a clutz, survived attempted assassination.
  • Jimmy Carter

    Took Office: January 20th, 1977
    Left Office: January 20th, 1981
    Peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, supported Human Rights.
  • Ronald Reagan

    Took Office: January 20th, 1981
    Left Office: January 20th, 1989
    Was a movie star, asked for the Berlin Wall to be taken down. Attempted assassination.