Presidential Timeline

  • Period: to


  • economic: starting off in debt

    Washington borrowed money to transfer the capitol to New York, on top of debt from the Revolutionary War
  • Political: judiciary act

    Start of supreme court
  • Economic: Assumption Bill

    Controlled countries debt
  • International:

    Spain agreed to stop instigating fights beteeen U.S. and Native Americans
  • Polotical: Split of administration

    Administrations slits into Democratic-republican (jefferson) and fedralists (hamilton)
  • International: Brittish impressment of ships

    British threatened to take any american ship that was trading with france
  • Polotical: Jay's Treaty

    created peace within the north west region, an agreement between U.S. and Americans
  • social: wiskey rebillion

    washington stops rebillion proves benificial for national gov.
  • Social: Battle of Fallen Timbers

    washington sent military to attack a group of rebellious indians because they were attacking and kiling thousands of Americans
  • Period: to

    John Adams

  • International: XYZ affairs

    U.S, goes against france and prepares a military for war
  • Political: Nullification

    the debate that staes should have the right to nullify unwanted national decisions
  • Social: LIbel

    Goverment was cracking down on what citizens were alloweed to say.
  • Social: Alien Sedition Acts

    Put strict rules on immigrants and forbid citizens to talk bad about the country
  • International: United States vrs France

    George wasington becomes commander in chief, all treatys between france and U.S become nullified
  • Economic: House and Stamp taxes

    increase of taxes to fund the military
  • Economic: federal bankruptcy Act

    gave protecting merchants and traders from debters
  • Political: Capitol at D.C.

    capitol was moved to Washington D.C. to keep peace i the soth
  • Economic: Effects on trade form Napoleonic Wars

    The wars Increase demand for American goods, But impressment takes U.S. ships.
  • Virginia Dynasty

    A series of Virginia presidents begin
  • Period: to


  • Political: Jeffersonian Republicans take power

    federlist never get power again
  • Social: Impressment of ships into royal navy

    Britain takes American sailors and forces them into British service
  • International: Barbary War

    Tripoli and Morocco declare war against the united states, US navy forms.
  • International: Covert Operations in Tripoli

    First American covert opperation, helps end Barbary war and build a military
  • Economic: Louisiana Purchase

    Jefferson buys Louisiana from france, doubles size of U.S,
  • Economic: Embargo Act

    beginning of Non-importation to fight impressment and prelude to Non-intercorse Act
  • Economic: Non-Intercourse Act

    bans trade with Britatin and France
  • Period: to


  • Political: Inauguration Speech

    Madison Advises neutrality in the Frech-English conflict
  • Economic: Macon's Bill No.2

    Response of Congress when Neither Britain nor France responded to Non-Intercorse Act
  • International: War of 1812

    A near repeat of Revolution, Ends with the Treaty of Gent
  • Economic: Recharter of U.S. Bank

    Bank was supposed to end in 1812, causes a second National Bank
  • Social: Madison's Second Speech

    Calls Britain "savags"
  • Social: Burning of th White House

    British March South to Washington and burn the White House
  • Period: to


  • West Indies Trade Agreement

    Overturns som of Adams prior trade agreements
  • Social: Eaton Affair

    Margaret Eaton causes drama with in the cabnit, Jackson separates from Calhoun and joins with Van Buren
  • Polotical: Diplomacy begins with Mexico

    Texas negogitations beging with Mexico
  • Political: Nullification Crisis

    Tariffs caused conflict between the south and the North, started the idea of secession
  • Political: Bank Veto

    Henry Clay and Daniel Webster braught up back charter fo re-charter, but jackson vetoed it
  • international: Sam Houston

    Successful revolt against Mexico
  • Internationl: Near War with France

    treaty where france agrees to pay fo Napoleonic attacks on America Shipping
  • Social: Question of slavery

    Abolition movments arise
  • Economic: Removal of Deposits

    reserves are removed from national bank and divided among the states
  • Economic: Panic of 1837

    Van Buren gets blamed for inflation even though it was Jacksons fault