Pre-Civil War Compromise and Division

  • Period: to

    Pre- Civil War

  • Compromise of 1850

    Compromise of 1850
    It was a document stating Texas would release disputed lands, the new territories west of Texas would discide issue of slavery on their own and the Fugitive Slave law was passed. It shows that the government was still trying to compromise and still wanted peace. Tensions over the Territories and who and what was a slave state and what was not. Didn't pass at first but in parts and eventually just made the situation worse.
  • John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry

    John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry
    John Brown a super radical abolitionist planned a raid on Harper's Ferry military base. The raid would supply a slave uprising. It failed and John Brown was eventually hung. Shows how the South became so parinoid about the North and it's abolitionist movement. John Brown was a super rapdical abolitionist and wanted to help slaves rebel. He was captured and killed becomeing a Northern martyr and the idea the South had of all Northerners.
  • South Carolina Seceeds from the Union

    South Carolina Seceeds from the Union
    South Carolina help a meeting to discuss sessescion and discided to suceed from the Union. Shows how upset the South was at the North and the Republicans. Lincoln won and the South was angry because they believed a sectional party had won. The other Southern States began to suceed.