Post Three: Hero's Project Timeline

  • Subway Hero Interview

    This was the introduction to the project. An insightful perspective on heroism. It broadened my ideal image of a hero.
  • Roy Benavides Video

    Learning about this war hero was quite inspirational, and motivated me to do the right thing for others, despite potential consequences.
  • Why Courage Matters by John McCain

    This inisghtful book made me realize that society does, infact, use the term "hero" too lightly
  • Kristi Quillen interview

    This Peace Corp's volunteer's expierence resignated with me, as I hope to travel the world helping others someday.
  • Heroes in Literature

    Reflecting on heroes in books I've read for school or out of the classroom was a great expierence, as I realized the many types of heroes and special characteristics they posess.
  • Looked for Book in Library

    I got to reflect on who I would finally choose as my hero. I went through several people.
  • Chose a Book

    After much delibaration, I decided to pick Anderson Cooper as my hero. A true inspiration for his journalistic work, I knew he was my ultimate hero.
  • "Change the World" power point

    This power point helped me see the different types of heroes portrayed in media, and what others think of the term "hero". The various music videos provided an artistic approach to heroism, as well
  • Turned in First Blog Post

    This post was based around why I chose Anderson Cooper as my hero, which reassured my decision, and made me even more excitied to continue with this project
  • Sharing Portions of Biographies

    Hearing other classmate's insight on their heroes broadened my spectrum of what a hero is