Post Apocalyptic Films

  • Invaders From Mars

    Invaders From Mars
    A young boy learns that space aliens are taking over the minds of earthlings.
  • On The Beach

    On The Beach
    The residents of Australia after a global nuclear war must come to terms with the fact that all life will be destroyed in a matter of months.
  • La Jetée

    La Jetée
    Time travel, still images, a past, present and future and the aftermath of World War III.
  • The Omega Man

    The Omega Man
    Army doctor Robert Neville struggles to create a cure for the plague that wiped out most of the human race.
  • A Boy And His Dog

    A Boy And His Dog
    A post-apocalyptic tale based on a novella by Harlan Ellison. A boy communicates telepathically with his dog as they scavenge for food.
  • The Day After

    The Day After
    A graphic, disturbing film about the effects of a devastating nuclear holocaust on small-town residents of eastern Kansas.
  • Surf Nazis Must Die

    Surf Nazis Must Die
    When the grandson of a gun wielding woman is murdered by neo-nazi surf punks in the post-apocalyptic future, this grandma hunts them down for some bloodthirsty revenge.
  • Class of 1999

    Class of 1999
    Robot teachers have been secretly placed in the schools where the students have run riot.
  • Battle Royale

    Battle Royale
    In the future, the Japanese government captures a class of ninth-grade students and forces them to kill each other under the revolutionary "Battle Royale" act.
  • The Book Of Eli

    The Book Of Eli
    A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.