Political Party Timeline

  • Period: to


  • 1787 fedralist party

    first united states party and aslo led to the forming of the antifedralists
    helped form the republicans
    where more tawards wenglands side in affairs
  • 1796 democratic republicans

    got follwers from planters, small farmers and Artians
    They wanted to limit fedral government power
    wanted to distribute more power to state and local government
  • 1828 democrats

    Was changed form democratic--reapublicans to just democrats.
    slavery didvide them to northen and sothern democrats
    republicans formed to dissagree with them
  • Republican Party

    In 1850 four parties came together to form the Republican party to stop the slavery law that exteneded slavery into Kansas.
  • 1971 libritrian party

    third largets party around
    are trying to prevent a free market econmy
    have hundreds of gruop members run for office every year
  • 1984 Green party

    want a world where nature and human socity can exsits in peace
    want to try and stop global warming
    want to try and rlp prople out of poverty