Political Party Time Line

  • Current polical parties

    Political Parties we know now werent made till the 1600. No one knows the exsact date other than it was in the 1600's Not much about policial parties have changed pver the few hundreds of years.
  • Rome

    No one really knows what day but the year is 1678. There was a rumor htat said that the roman cathics had a plan to kill king charles the second. The rumor was completly fake and made up.
  • The federalist

    The federalist where the first u.s political party. The people who started this party were a well organized group of people. The reason they started the federalist was because they wanted a strong government so they created there own group.
  • Tomas Jefferson declares

    Tomas Jefferson declared that "If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all." Tomas Jefferson and George Washington had to differnt ideas. Tomas Jefferson was more for the fedrra list unlike George Washington who was more for anti ferderalist.
  • George Washington

    He warned people about faction parties before he retired in 1796. James Madison thought that politcal parties were nesscsary, but not exsactly agree wit them. The two people who had these opinions are the ones who started the two groups.
  • Anti federalist

    A few years after the federalist were offical in 1787 they came up with an anti federalist polical group. Geroge Washington sided more with this group.
  • Slavery

    The whole deal lwith slavery was what everyone was paying attention to. Less people really cared about politices becuase they were trying to fight to have slaves or not to. So in 1854 nothing really happened with the political parties
  • Both parties

    mostly both parties agree on soical sucurity. They are very organized people most of hte time. Both groups are run by country and state committee