Political Devlopments of the Early Republic

  • Washington Becmes President

    Washington Becmes President
  • Whiskey Rebellion

    Whiskey Rebellion
    the whole situation with the Whiskey Rebellion was the resenment between westerns farmers and central governement . what they did was terrorized court and tryed to tax dodgers . when the president put a end too it the responce was VERY staggering to people . WHEN everything ended they had shown that republicanism is not a delude imagination
  • Alien sediction

    Alien sediction
    Adams insistence on neutrality angered PRO french republicans Launches a series of viruent attacks on the president . But also made it more difficult for an alien to become a citzen by extending the naturalization period from five to fourteens years .
  • Thomas jefferson becomes president . .

    Thomas jefferson becomes president . .
    Thomas jefferson was the 2nd president he believed in the common man he thought the governent was small , frugal ,and limited , in its powers , while he did not try to alter the basic machinery of the governent .
  • Marbury v Madison

    Marbury v Madison
    Marbury's arguement reflected the federalist view . . . the supreme court should be the ultimate guardian . to republicans like jefferson and adams the federeralist view seemed undemocratic . the court could not order madison to deliver marburys commision that william marbury and john marshall did indeed have legal right to his commison madison withholding .
  • louisiana Purchase

    louisiana Purchase
    the louisiana Purchase was when france offered the louisiana territory to the unitred states for 15$ million it showed that jefferson seemed very confused like he didnt know weather or not if he should support te purchase of louisiana or the federal governement . some opposed because with the purchase of land and only a little bit of money due cost of it . but also most americans were concerned about the future of the republic because it would be the outcome future for such a big community .
  • Embargo Act

    Embargo Act
    the embargo act was a act that blockade all the british isle it was a war that seiszed neutral american ships fir iillegally trading with a enemy and impressed sailors . but jefferson did not want the country to go to war . it was the act that stopped all foreign trade embargo act is repealed - trade us allowed with all countries except britian and france .
  • John Adams Become President

    John Adams Become President
    in 1796 john adam was elected the nations 2nd president , he had been a leader of revoulution , he sided with the federalists he distrusted the common people and believed that liberty could be best be preserved by a powerful government headed by a strong and be able executive such as himself .