Jefferson v hamilton

Political Develompments of the Early Republic

By DaddieT
  • Washington becomes president

    Washington becomes president
    George washington was not sure he wanted to be president. the american public greatly wanted him to be their first president. washington wanted to make sure the office of president was respected at home and abroad
  • whiskey rebellion

    whiskey rebellion
    thw tax on whiskey went up and the frontie famers started a rebellion for the people who could not efford the tax on whiskey. george washington had 1,500 troops come and shut the rebellion down
  • John Adams becomes president

    John Adams becomes president
    john adams was the second president of the united states. He was elected by slim margin. john adam belong to the federalist. he distrusted the common people and believed liberty could best be preserved by a powerful government.
  • Alien and sedition acts

    Alien and sedition acts
    People were assulting the president. it made it illegl to say or write anything neitive about the government.
  • Thomas jefferson becomes president

    Thomas jefferson becomes president
    He became president number 3 on march 4 1801. he believed in the common man he was apart of the republicans his views on the govenment was Jefferson's view on the federal government was that they should be small frugal and limited in its powers
  • Marbury vs Madison

    Marbury vs Madison
    Marbury appealed tot he supreme court to force madison to deliver his commission. the decision that they mad was madison did indeed had a legal right to his commission and scolded madison for witholding it. the power of the supreme court to strike down an act of congress that violater the constitution.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    the louisiana purchase was france selling louisiana to america. Jefferson’s decided to swallow his reservations and submitted the purchase treaty to the senate fro approval Jefferson's view on the federal government was that they should be small frugal and limited in its powers
  • embargo act

    embargo act
    the british fired on an american naval ship jefferson could not go to war because he did not hav enough money to efford the troops. jefferson creates the embargo act stopping all foreign trade. trade is allowed to all countrys except britain and france