Suv police cars

Police car.I want to be a police so I can do fun stuff like investigating, finding facts. A police officer does many things depending on what you want to do tells the classes your going to take.

  • middle school 12-16

    middle school 12-16
    Middle school my next step in life. Im going to middle school because that is my next grade after summer break. Im going to get there by passing 5th grade.
  • HIgh school 16-19

    HIgh school 16-19
    Im going to high school because that is my next step after 9th grade. im going to graduate pass and get my diploma in high school
  • college 20-25

    Im going to college in massachusetts at harvard becaus eharvard is a law school and I want to become a police officer.
  • The mall 20-25

    The mall 20-25
    Im going to work at the mall until I turn 25 or old enough to go to the polce academy.
  • married 25-forever

    married 25-forever
    Im going to get married when Im
  • babysitter 26-30

    babysitter 26-30
    AfterI get married Im going to become a house wife have a girl and baby sit.