polical devlopments of the early republic

By bennett
  • washington becomes presient

    washington becomes presient
    George washington was not sure he wanted to depresident.the americn public greatly wanted him to be there first president.
  • the whiskey rebelion

    the whiskey rebelion
    the cause of the whiskey rebelion was to tax whiskey for every body. washington response was tostaggering sends 15,000 troops to the western farmers. this is im inportent because it was washingon dishion as presient to do some thing about it and he did it with out no one dieing.
  • john adams become president

    john adams become president
    No man came to presidency with more political experience that abams.
  • allien and sedition act

    allien and sedition act
    One of these laws mad it more difficult for an alien to become a citizen by extending the haturalzation period from five to fourteen years.
  • thomas jeffrson becomes president

    thomas jeffrson becomes president
    In his inaugural address, president jefferson tride to calm their fears. jefferson began to implement his repudlican. View that the federal government should be small,and limited in its power.
  • Marbury vs Madison

    Marbury vs Madison
    Marbury did indead have a regal rights to have commisoin
  • Louisiana purchase

    Louisiana purchase
    jefferson while he supported the purchase of Louisiana. His decis left him with the uneasy feeling that he had "gone beyond the constitution.
  • Embargo act

    Embargo act
    In the early 1800's americans merchants and sailors found themselves caught in. A battle netween two warring iants- Great Britain and France.