Bermuda Triangle

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  • The First Mystery

    The First Mystery
    The USS Cyclops was a U.S. Navy military supply ship that disappeared on a trip between Barbados and Baltimore, with about 300 passengers on board.
  • Another missing ship

    Another missing ship
    SS Cotopaxi departed from Charleston, South Carolina and was on its way to Havana, Cuba and then disappeared. No trace of the ship or its 32-person crew was identified.
  • He becomes the known legend

    He becomes the known legend
    The legend became popular with the disappearance of Flight 19 which was a squadron of 5 bombers which shortly after leaving the base was lost contact radio with them and they vanished without a trace.
  • One More Mystery

    One More Mystery
    At 3:15 in the morning, a call was received by radio, coming from Tucky TUC, the radio operator of a plane called Star Tigre en route to Bermuda. He asked for the address he had to take to get there.
    Baggage estimated that the plane would land at 5:00 but never i get.
  • Douglas DC-3

    Douglas DC-3
    Douglas DC-3, a commercial flight that disappeared while traveling from San Juan de Puerto Rico to Miami, with 29 passengers and 3 crew members.
    He disappeared in the dark of night as he approached Miami.
  • Gets its peculiar name

    Gets its peculiar name
    Received the peculiar name of Bermuda Triangle for its dangerousness and for its proximity to Bermuda.
  • The most mysterious case in Marine Mercantile History

    The most mysterious case in Marine Mercantile History
    The Marine Sulphur Queen, missing with its 39 crew members, few remains were found by the Coast Guard within a few weeks.
    The official Coast Guard report noted the poor structural conditions of the ship, which should never have left port.
  • A publication that obsessed half the world.

    A publication that obsessed half the world.
    A book entitled "The Bermuda Triangle" by writer Charles Berlitz was published telling more cases of aircraft and ship disappearances
  • After 95 years he was found

    After 95 years he was found
    An explorer found after 95 years the ship SS Cotopaxi off the coast of San Agustin, Florida, which had supposedly disappeared on November 29, 1925 near the Bermuda Triangle
  • Will the disappearances end?

    Will the disappearances end?
    A ship left Bimini, Bahamas, and should have arrived the next day in Lake Worth, Florida. It is estimated that the ship had 20 crew members nothing is known yet.