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    pet history

    Hello I'm Angela. Here's my pet history timeline. Thanks for viewing!
  • First pet White-Ham

    First pet White-Ham
    He's a handsome white hamster.
  • Grey-Ham

    I got her as white-ham's wife.
  • Babies were found

    Babies were found
    I found some babies in the cage when I was cleaning the cage. Some of them died because I throw them into garbage time without noticing they were there. 3 of them survived.
  • Bunny Whitie

    Bunny Whitie
    I got Whitie and B-boy in an event in Cornfield.
  • Bunny B-boy

    Bunny B-boy
    He's so shy.
  • More babies

    More babies
    Grey-ham or her daughter gave birth to more babies.
  • Kitty Blacky

    Kitty Blacky
    I picked him up when he was wandering around the apartment. He was about four weeks old.
  • Blacky ate up almost all the hamsters

    Blacky ate up almost all the hamsters
    That was the beginning of the semester and I forgot to feed Blacky for several days. Then the tragedy happened.
  • Blacky killed all the bunnies

    Blacky killed all the bunnies
    Suddenly I found Blacky became a grown male aggressive cat.
  • Grey cat Fuzzball

    Grey cat Fuzzball
    I got her as a company of Blacky.
  • Peace maker, Brave

    Peace maker, Brave
    When Fuzzball and Blacky fight, Brave will make them annoyed and run away from each other.