Personal Timeline

Timeline created by owengonzo5
  • Born

  • Started Elementary School

    Started Elementary School
  • Moved To Texas

    Moved To Texas
  • Started Playing Football

    Started Playing Football
  • Started Middle School

    Started Middle School
  • Moved To Arizona

    Moved To Arizona
  • Started 7th Grade

    Started 7th Grade
  • Finished 7th Grade

    Finished 7th Grade
  • Started 8th Grade

    Started 8th Grade
  • Finished 8th Grade

    Finished 8th Grade
  • Started High School

    Started High School
  • Start Of Freshman Football

    Start Of Freshman Football
  • Finished Freshman Year

    Finished Freshman Year
  • Started Sophomore Year

    Started Sophomore Year
  • Start Of JV Football

    Start Of JV Football
  • Present