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Personal High School Timeline - Ryan Tanksley

By rt10158
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    My family and I moved from California to Georgia in our RV, it took about five days to drive non stop from San Diego to Douglasville.
  • Arrived in Douglasville

    Arrived in Douglasville
    We arrived at Douglasville and started moving in to our new home.
  • Freshman year Begins

    Freshman year Begins
    I started out my Freshman year attending Lithia Springs High School.
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    Time at Lithia Springs

    I started Freshman year attending Lithia Springs High School for a month.
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    Freshman Year

    I went to three different schooles my Freshman year. It was the longest year of my high school career.
  • Stopped Attending Lithia Springs

    Stopped Attending Lithia Springs
    After attending Lithia Springs High for about a month my brother and I moved from Lithia Springs and started being homeschooled.
  • Homeschool

    My brother and I got homeschooled three times a week and went to a school with other homeschooled students twice a week.
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    While I was being homeschooled I went out for the football team and practiced until I left that program.
  • Football Practice

    Football Practice
    Football season was starting and I went out for football at the homeschool place i attended twice a week and started practiceing.
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    Attended King's Way Christian School

    Finished my freshman year at King's Way Christian School.
  • Freshman Baseball Begins

    Freshman Baseball Begins
    Baseball season began.
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    Baseball Season

    Baseball season was starting and I went out for the team at King's Way.
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    Freshman Summer

    Summer of my Freshman year.
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    Vacation to California

    I went to California for a week to hang out with my old buddies.
  • Sophomore Year Begins

    Sophomore Year Begins
    Started Sophomore year at Chapel Hill High School.
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    Sophomore Year

    I attended Chapel Hill High School my entire Sophomore year.
  • Sophomore Baseball Beings

    Sophomore Baseball Beings
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    Sophomore Baseball Season

    I went out for the baseball team at Chapel Hill High, I made the JV team.
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    Vacation To California

    Over winter break I took a vacation to San Diego to visit my old friends.
  • Broken Finger

    Broken Finger
    During baseball practice my Sophomore year I slid into first base the wrong way during a pick off and broke my finger, I had to have surgery and was out for the season.
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    Sophomore Summer

  • Junior Year Begins

    Junior Year Begins
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    Junior Year

    I started junior year at Chapel Hill High, during the 3rd quarter of my junior year I moved, switched schools, and started attending Etowah High School in Woodstock.
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    Junior Year Baseball

    I made the varsity baseball team at Chapel Hill High at the begining of the season. A couple of weeks into the season I moved to Etowah and went out for the team and made varsity.
  • Got My Car

    Got My Car
    On the 30th of December I got my car, a 2010 white Camaro
  • Moved to Etowah

    Moved to Etowah
    We moved from Douglasville to Woodstock and I started attending Etowah.
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    Junior Year Summer

    Summer of my junior year was spent at the lake and six flags ending with a trip to the Bahamas with my best friend from California.
  • Senior Year Begins

    Senior Year Begins
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    Senior Year!

    My senior year was spent entirely at Etowah. I really matured toward the end of my senior year and I feel so much better about going to college next year.