Personal and "Treasure of Lemon Brown Timeline

  • Greg's Timeline, Dennying One's True Self

    Greg's father recieves a call from Greg's school a week before grades come out saying he's failing in math. His father then grounds Greg and doesn't let him play basketball because Greg needs to study more, even though he had been trying.
  • Greg's Timeline, Searching for One's True Self

    2 days later after being grounded, Greg goes outside when it starts to rain, so he goes into a building only to find someone else there.
  • Greg's Timeline

    (Same Day) Greg is surprised by an old man living in the building named Lemon Brown, who has a supposed treasure.
  • Lemon's Timeline, Hardship

    (Same Day) Lemon tells the story of how he was a blues singer back in the 60's and 70's, but then his son died in war and singing lost its meaning.
  • Thug's Timeline

    (Same Day) The Thugs walked into the building calling for the old man, wanting to find his treasure. Lemon and Greg hid though and ended up pushing the Thugs down the stairs. The Thugs left the building after that but hung around outside.
  • Greg's Timeline, Finding a Uniqueness

    (Same Day) After the Thugs left, Greg asks to see Lemon's treasure. When Lemon pulls it out, Greg is surprised to see newspaper clippings and a broken hermonica. Lemon explains that he gave these things to his son and after he died the things were returned to him. Greg realizes how much this makes sense and that everyone has their own treasure that would be only for that person.
  • Greg's Timeline

    (Same Day) After Greg sees Lemon's treasure and hears his story, he starts to understand that his father only pushes him to help him be better. He then goes home almost looking forward to his father's lecture.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I was born at Rex Hospital.
  • Cora's Timeline, Denying My True Self

    I started Kindergarten and said I was five even though I was still four for two weeks.
  • Cora's Timeline, Searching for One's True Self

    I started to play soccer for a team at CASL
  • Cora's Timeline, Finding a Uniqueness

    I read the Harry Potter series, which was the first major series I had ever read.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I got my first dog, Katie at Petsmart.
  • Cora's Timeline

    New school is built so a lot of my friends switch schools.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I finish 5th grade and my oldest brother goes to Math and Science.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I get my first hamsters, one is a tiny dwarf hamster and the other is a regular, fluffy hamster.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I start my sixth grade year on the opposite team of my friends.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I finish sixth grade with some of the highest grades in my classes.
  • Cora's Timeline

    For my birthday, I got a kindle to be able to read more books.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I start 7th grade at school.
  • Cora's Timeline, Hardship

    One of my hamster dies and the other on eats part of the body and I am the one to first see it.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I finish my 7th grade year and make it into National Junior Honors Society.
  • Cora's Timeline

    My oldest brother leaves home to go to college at Navy.
  • Cora's Timeline

    I start 8th grade on a team without two of my best friends.