Period 7

  • Annexation of Alaska

  • Period: to


  • Spanish-American War

    Guam, panama,
  • Panic of 1893

  • plessey v. furguson

    "sperate but equal"
  • Annexation of Hawaii

  • Teller Amendment

    war with spain but didn't want to take political control of cuba
  • Open door policy(Cina)

    equal trade with China
  • boxer rebellion

    nationalism in china , chinese against christian missonaries
  • Platt amendment

  • Socialist Party

    radical progressives( public ownership of R.R., utilities, oil and steel)
  • Square deal

    conservation(naturaleza), consumer protection, "control of corporations"
  • meat inspection act

  • The Jungle-pure food and Drug act

    Upton Sinclair
  • Child labor laws

  • "Gentalmen agreement"

    repeal cali's segregated schools in return japan restricted immigration
  • Direct election of U.S senators

  • Start of WWI

  • Direct primary

    nominating candidate(voters)
  • comtrolling public utilities

    waterplants, gas lines ect.
  • Prohibition of sale alcohol

  • Federal farm loan act

    bank loans for farmers with low intrest
  • MArcus Garvey

  • 14 pionts

  • Zimmermann Telegram

  • Zimmerman telegram

  • U.S entry in WWI

  • Espionage Act

    imprisonment (20yrs) for rebellion in armed forces or against draft
  • Wilson delcares war

  • Selective Service

    Draft men into military
  • Mexicos constitution

    government owned oil and minerals, peaceful negotioation with collidge 1927
  • Sedition Act

    prohibiting disloyal remarks about U.S. government
  • Treaty of Versailles

    League of nations, pay, admit guility, and take german terrotories.
  • Red scare

    anti-german and anti-communist hysteria
  • Palmer Raids

    series of unexpected bombing and caused a series of arrests
  • Prohibition

    prohibit manufacture and sale of alcohol
  • Ninteenth Amendment

    womans right to vote
  • End of progressive era

  • Tecnology

    Radios, NBC,CBS, automobiles, movies
  • Harlem Renassaince

  • 1921 quota act

    3% of census from 1910
  • second quota act

    2% of 1890 census(even less new immigrants)
  • Dawes Plan

    cycle of loans to germany to britan and france from U.S banks. stopped after the stocks crashed(1929)
  • Fundamentalism and scopes trial

    John Scopes put on trial for teaching darwinism
  • Great Depression

  • Dust bowl

  • Bonus March

    veterans asking for bonus pay but attacked by U.S army
  • New Deal

    three R's recovery,relif, and reform
  • bank holiday

    banks closed for failing banks
  • repeal of prohibition

  • Indian Reorganization Act

    preservation of culture and land
  • Social security act

  • Neutrality acts

  • Selective service act

  • Pearl harbor

  • WWII

  • Japanese Intenment

  • United Nations

  • Manhattan Project