period 5 timeline

  • Period: to

    French revolution

    as other countries went through industrial revolutions, so too did france howerver it was more like a rebellion as the people captured and cut off their king and queens heads
  • Period: to

    haitan revolution

    the people rebelled against french rule and fought for their freedom
  • Period: to

    opium war

    china entered into two opium wars to try and rid themselves of this addictive drug
  • Period: to

    taiping uprising

    set much of the country aflame. its leaders rejected other religions in favor of christianity
  • meiji restoration

    a series of successful reforms went out among japan called the meiji restoration. these helped japan make the changes it needed
  • unification of germany

    germany came together as one under a leader during the industrail revolution period
  • Period: to

    boxer war

    a rebellion started up in china because of opium and the corrupt government and the overall state of things for the pourer people