Period 3: 1754 - 1800

  • The French and Indian War

    -the ongoing global conflict of the Seven Years' War, which was now brought to American soil
    -territorial disputes of land west of Ohio River valleys, where British encroached upon French territory effects:
    -land in the Ohio River Valleys belonged 2 the Brits
    -Proclamation Line of 1763 related terms:
    -Fort Duquesne
    -The Albany Congress/Convention
    -The Iroquois Confederacy
    -The Albany Plan of Union by Benjamin F.
    -Peace of Paris
  • Period: to

    APUSH Period 3

  • Taxation WITHOUT Representation

    salutary neglect
    -Navigation Acts
    -Grenville's Plan > Quartering Act
    Sugar Act
    Stamp Act
    the social contract - the Enlightenment
    "virtual representation" bs to colonists resistance forces
    -Sons&Daughters of Liberty
    -still presented as British citizens who were also entitled to their natural rights