Pauhl Revere (Adanna)

  • Paul Revere

    Paul is talking about how he was one of many spies watching the British "In the fall of 1774 and the winter of 1775, I was one of the upwards thirty... who forward ourselves into the comittee for the porpose of watching the movements of the British soldiers."
  • Paul Revere

    It is talking about how the spies know the British plans.
    "In April of 1775, Revere's spies learned the British were going to attack the villages of Lextingtonand Concord."
  • Paul Revere

    It was saying how paul was not the average spy.
    "But paul did more than just spy on the sopldiers. He was also called apon to ride through the colonies to alert the citizens who feared the british were planning to put more restrictions on them."
  • Paul Revere's ride

    It was 12a.m., Paul Revere rode through the town listening to all the sounds that the animals make.
    "It was twelve by the village clock, When he crossed into Medford town, He herd the crowing of the cock,And the barking of the farmer's dog, And felt the damp of the river's fog, That rises after the sun goes down."
  • Paul Revere

    Paul was riding into Lextington, he saw the windows were dark and gloomy in the town.
    "It was one by the village clock, When he galloped into Lextington, He saw the glided weathercock,Swim in the moonliht as he passed, And the meeting-house windows, blank, and bare, Gaze at him with a spectral glare, As if they already stood agast, At the bloody work they would look apon."
  • Paul Revere

    It is two o'clock in Concord when Paul arrives. It is early morning so the breeze is liht and the birds are lightly flying threw the air.
    "It was two by the village clock, When he came to the bridge of Concord town, He heard the bleating of the flock, And the twitter of birds amoung the trees, And felt the breath of the morning breeze.
  • Paul's Deposition

    Paul is explaining what had made him go out int the night.
    "I was sent by Docr. Joseph Warren about 10 o'Clock that evening..."
  • Paul's Deposition

    He was talking about how he had part way through a place when he saw the enemy.
    "I sett off then (it was then about 11 o'clock) the Moon Shone bright. I had got allmost over Charlestown Common towards Cambridge when I saw two officers on horse back standing under the shade of a Tree..."
  • Paul's Deposition

    Paul and company were making their way back to town.
    "After I had been there about half an hour, Mr. Daws arrived, who came from boston over the neck..."