Timeline created by ghe5
  • BORN

    7:15 AM mom was throwing up. Really big baby. A little sick
  • gran dies

    Only child to meet Gran. To young to think of anything else
  • stung by a bee

    Playing on the neighbors playground. Saved my sisters life. Family was visiting.
  • got a dog

    Jax was the only one not barking in the pound. The pound didn't know when he was born so we made up his birthday. Same age as I am
  • moved to north carolina

    Stayed at grandma's house because they were still building the house. Moved to 407 sir walker lane. Moved because it's safer, my mom was to cold in N.J., and to go to a better school.
  • started playing soccer

    I started playing rec but now I'm at classic and it's a blast. Soccer is how a made most of my frieds and it' how I get active.
  • Disneyworld

    Had a big hotel but an even bigger family so it was preety crowded but we survived. Went on the best ride ever. I still wish I could go back on the ride again.
  • learned to ride a bike

    My bike was totaly brocken so I had to use my sister's precious pearls bike. It was like my fifth time and by some mirical I saw myself riding in circles in the driveway.
  • Canada

    We were on a microscopic island with a generator, that is the only way to get electricity and it's super loud. Had a boat load of fun in boats, riding in a raft, and fishing. But there was a lot of bugs because no one calls the exsterminator.
  • Baseball game

    We got to see the Yankee's play at Yankee stadium. We drove all the way from Jersey shore to Yankee stadium.
  • changed soccer clubs

    I wanted to go to CASL but we could not fit the practises into our scheldules. I ended up going to TFC and before that I went to FC cary. I made the top team ( 00 Cosmos).
  • Period: to

    the llllllllloooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggg life of patrick oneill