Past, Present, and Future Tvs

By Lyssa
  • First Television

    First Television
    First Tv
    John Logie Baird made the first televiosin over three years from 1924 to 1927, he invented the first successful mechanical-electric television system
  • First Color Tv

    First Color Tv
    The first Color TV was the CBS Columbia, a Mechanical set, made in 1951
  • First Elctronic Color Tv

    First  Elctronic Color Tv
    The first Electronic color TV was the RCA CT-100, released in 1954, selling at 1,000$
  • First Flat Screen

    First Flat Screen
    The first prototype flat screen TV was invented during the month of July in 1964. The invention would be made public later that same year.
  • Satellite Broadcasting Began

    Satellite Broadcasting
    During the eighties, TVs began to take the shape of modern CRTs. Satellite broadcasting began in 1984.
  • CRTs

    During the nineties we saw some rear-projection TVs that were large (50”-60”) but with poor picture quality.
  • First Plasma Tv

    In 1997, Panasonic announced the first 'real' Plasma display
  • Flats Screens in Homes

    Panasonic made the first mass market modern flat screen TV in 1997.