• Pony got jumoed by soc's

    Pony got jumoed by soc's
    On the way to Pony's home,he got jumped and it reminded him of Johnny's suffering. Eventually the greasers came and rescued Pony and the back home.
    It was an important event in this book because it elborated the connection web in each gangs (greasers and Soc's), and it introduced the main characters of this book; in other word, it moved the flow of the story.
  • In the cinema.

    In the cinema.
    Dally took Johnny and Ponyboy to go to Cinema to watch movie in the downtown. When the movie began, Greasers saw two pretty Soc's girls sat in front of them, and Dally wanted to pick them up, but Johnny stopped Dally. Johnny and Ponyboy talked with these girls,they found these two had something in common with greasers.Despite this part highlights the individuality of greasers and Soc's, it implied the sameness between two groups. It was the key that Bob died in accident.
  • On the way to home

    On the way to home
    At first, Two-Bit drove Cherry and Marcia to their accomadation, then they came across their boyfriends and almost fought with them.but cherry didn't let his boyfriend bob fight. So , Pony and Johnny and Two-bit got back home but they were late and Darry was so mad that he slap Pony and Pony ran away to find Johnny.This part told readers how Ponyboy changed his attitude for Darry because of Darry's punch, and it motivated Pony to leave and to find Johnny, so Bob died.
  • Bob accident.

    Bob accident.
    Bob came to their territory to jump them,and he tried to get pony drown. At the time that Pony was dying, Johnny lost his mind and all he thought about is to save Pony's life,therefore, he killed Bob and Pony was finally saved. After that, the feel scared and eascaped.It speed up the movement of flow; Bob's dead meant desperateness and hopelessness to these two kids, they found they were outsiders indeed: They did not mean to kill Bob but they had to. They thought Soc's were same with them.
  • Part 2

    This is a big change and kickpoint of these boys. Many things happend because of this.
  • Escaped

    Johnny and Pony ran to Dally's home and asked for help. Dally gave them some money and clothes and a gun. Then the escaped to the church for hidden. They dye and cut their hair beacuse they don't want police regonize them and it makes them feel confused coz their hair is a kind of typical symbols for everyone in Greasers. They hied in the church for couple days.
    I like the sentence--"Nothing gold can stay" when Pony mentioned it.
  • Disguise

    To distinguish themselves from the public wanted list, they had to cut their long hair, and dye them. They were extremely unwilling to do it but they had to because they did'nt want to be arrested.There used to be a great individuality between Greasers and Soc's, but now, the boundary was no longer clear and available. Greasers tried to know about Soc's, even regarded some of them as their friends.It expressed the main idea of the novel that everybody was same despite the diffrent social status.
  • went to DQ with Dally

    went to DQ with Dally
    After 5 days, Dally came to visit them. He delivered a letter which wrote by Soda to Pony. It eased their relationship up. Then Dally took them to DQ to get some food to eat. When they were discussing how to get back, Johnny came up with turning himself to the police. The other two were shocked and denying his decision. It was a turning point of the story: If they decided to turn to police, they won't get back to church and save the children, and Johnny probably won't die.
  • Save the children from the burning church

    Save the children from the burning church
    Cherry feel sorry for us and became a spy of us.When they got back to the church, they were shocked by what they saw--the burning church, and a group of primary school kids were in it. Although the teacher didn't want Pony to take risk taking them out, Pony and Johnny rushed into the church and saved all the children, they all hurt included Dally. Johnny almost died by the hit of a falling burning wood. As far as people knew, Greasers were like a group of hoods, they should not be like a hero.
  • In the hospital.

    In the hospital.
    They all got hurt from the church and sent to hospital by Jerry, Johnny's situation is the most serious one and he was still in danger.Jerry is kind of doubt of the truth that they are greasers but he still believe they are nice people and be with them untill Pony's brothers came. They fogave Pony and made it up.Pony was worried about Johnny and feel sad beacuse they are best friends.Then some police and repoters came and asked some questions about the fire when we were waiting for Johnny.
  • Hospital Part 2

    Hospital Part 2
    It was a turning point of the entire story:1. Pony gradually became incredulous with the individuality:Is there any differences between Greasers and Soc's despite social status? 2. Why Greasers can be hero and admired by other people instead of swearing and cursing? 3.Pony met his brothers and they became together again, even though Pony didn't propose to forgive Darry, but he hugged Darry at that moment, their brothership was impressed and remarkable, it was part of the theme of this novel.
  • Steve and 2-bit came.

    When Pony was making breakfast, Steve and 2-bit came to their house and told him that they were on newspaper. They also told Pony he would be sent to orphanage,that made Pony feel frustrated and had a nightmare.We can conclued that Pony is really value his familiy. They only have each other.This part was important to the description of characters because it sketched the relationship between the Greasers. They were no longer like a gang, but family
  • Conversation with Randy.

    Randy came to Pony's house after 2-bit did. Th ey have conversation that involed Bob and fight betwen Soc's and Greasers.Randy said that he won't join the fight beacuse no matter which one is winner, it has no benifit ,he aslo mentinoned that Bob was actually a good guy and greasers have no way win that fight.Randy is just human instead of a Soc.This dialogue made Pony thought a lot.
  • Visit Johnny.

    Pony and 2-bit went to hospital,nurses didn't let them visit him beacuse his case was still serious.When they finally saw him,he is terrible and asked for Pony to read him the<Gone with wind>.He felt sad,terrified and regret for his suicide mind before.He finally realized that he still have many unfinished things.His mom came to see him but he refused beacuse he is

    afraid of her. Pony believed that Johnny would be better.
  • Dally woke up.

    Dally woke up and know that Johnny was hurt severe.So he want to find Socs for revenge. He badly want to win the fight.Pony didn't want to go to fight but he had no choice.He hided his illness and join it.We saw Cherry o n a Soc's car and she ask about Johnny but she aslo said,after all, Johnny killed Bob and she won't visit him.She think the susite in west district was as beautiful as east one. This strongly mentioned they had extemely deep friendship betwen them.
  • Big rumble.

    Big rumble.
    They back home at 6:00 and the fight would be 7:00.After dinner they went to Parking lot.Greasers were cooperate with Time shepard so they totally have 20 people and Soc's have 22.Randy didn't came but Dally was invovled in.The rule was:NO WEAPN.They fought in a mess but they finally triumph.Pony fainted and went to hospital,all he worried about is Johnny and he was dying.Pony told Johnny that they won but he said fight is useless and he want Pony be himself and keep kind,warm heart.
  • Big rumble part2

    Big rumble part2
    It was the climax of the story. Greasers and Soc's finally fought against each other, no weapon, no unfairness, only fist and body. This moment, Soc's and Greasers were no longer different, they all fought for their friends, territory, respect, and honor. The main idea of the novel has repeated shown up-------Greasers and Soc's are not diffrent. Greasers can take risk to save children, and Soc's can fight for the died Bob. They were just kids, they needed this rumble to know each other well.
  • Johnny's death.

    It is poignant that Johnny died last night. Both Pony and Dally were too sad to accept this truth.Pony was going to freak out on his way home.Dally was so sad that he want to die with Johnny because Johnny is his entire life and spirit brace.He cannot alive without Johnny.His death took Dally's everthing. He robbed a store and Police killed him in the end.I was in a coma for 4 days because of disease and sad.Darry said that Johnny left<GONE WITH WIND>to me.
  • Johnny's Death part2

    Johnny was the future of Dally because Dally had said that Johnny was alke him that before went to jail, Dally didn't want Johnny to get into any trouble because he didn't allow the things which happened to him happened to Johnny. He wanted to see Johnny had good life in the future. But now he couldn't see it, his mind was out of control for losing his aim of life. Johnny's death also had made great impact to Pony, so that Pony's life fell into regular pattern in the future.
  • Open a court session.

    Open a court session.
    A week later,the court call me about the cased that Bob's death.He was killed by Johnny but Pony declared that it was him and he is a kind of insane coz he said Johhny is still alive.The judge asked several questions about his grade and whether he want live with brothers.Then they annouced that Pony was innocent.He could be released.
  • Open court session Part2

    Open court session Part2
    This event led to the change of both Pony's life and his attitude to his life and world. He felt guilty and regretful for what he had done in the past life, and wanted to pay back. He remebered what Johnny said to him before he died ----stay gold. Even though "Nothing gold can stay," 15 years are too short for a person, what they had learnt, listened, watched might be wrong, but they needed to be kind and nice, not to do something harming people. And good people are more than bad people in world
  • Back to school.

    Back to school.
    Pony want went back to his normal life but it was difficult.Hia gardes in school dropped a lot, and his English teacher felt worried.She told him if he could write a good easy,he would got a'C'.People arround were afraid and keep away from him.Pony wanted to start the essay but had no idea.Then he saw a letter in the book that Johnny left.Pony decided to wirte something about Greasers.
  • The end.

    The end.
    Pony wrote this in his essay--"I came out to the sunny day from dark cinema,all i thought about is Paul Newman and get back home."
    The story ends, and it match with how story begains.