Oreo's Life Plan

Timeline created by oreo1
  • Senior School Admission

    I got into senior secondary school. Which you take for 3 years for you to graduate from high school.
  • United States of America Trip

    Had a school trip to the U.S. Went to Disney Orlando, Washingon D.C (White House, Lincoln Memorial e.t.c)
  • Second year of highschool

  • High school Election

    Was elected to a position in hifghschool
  • Preparation for final exam (WAEC)

  • Last Year Of High School

  • Began Visa Process

  • Highschool Graduation

  • Int'l exam preparation

    Tutorials for SAT and TOEFL exam.
  • University Admission Process

    Began to process admission into DSU.
  • SAT Exam

    Took SAT exam.
  • Toefl Exam

    Took Toefl exam.
  • Got Admission

    I was admitted into DSU.
  • First Visa Interview

    Got rejected on first visa interview.
  • Second Visa Interview

    Got rejected again. Another sad moment.
  • Nigerian School Admission

    Began to process admission for a Nigerian school since my visa was rejected twice.
  • Third Visa Interview

    Finally got my U.S student visa. Happiest Moment.
  • Left Nigeria

    Began my journey to DSU
  • Got to the U.S

  • Resumed School at DSU

    Began ESL program.
  • Finished ESL Program

  • Regular Classes Begun

  • Fall Semester Ends

  • Spring Semester Begins

  • Spring Semester Ends

  • Get a Digital Design Job

  • Graduate from college 2021

  • Get married

  • Travel for Photo trip

    Travel for France and Italy
  • Begin to think about children

  • Begin Masters

  • Create Personal Digital design platform

    Have own business
  • Finish Master

  • Period: to

    Waec/Neco Exam

    Took final high school exam
  • Period: to

    College Time

    Graduate by 2021
  • Period: to

    Work During Summer

    No Summer Classes. Just work.
  • Period: to

    Work and Process Green Card