Pioneer wagon

Oregon trail pioneers

  • Journeys end

    Journeys end
    Once the proneers reaached the Oregon land, they are not done. They have tobuild their whole terriotory and land. They have succesfully made their journey!
  • pioneers packing wagon

    pioneers packing wagon
    The pioneers were packing food, clothes, and necessary suplies that would last them for five months.
  • Independence, Missouri

    Independence, Missouri
    All the pioneers meet at Independence, Missouri so they can prepare and head off together for their trip.
  • Pioneers fighting

    Pioneers fighting
    the pioneers are fighting just a couple of days into their journey.
  • Wet and rainy pioneers

    Wet and rainy pioneers
    two months into the journey they get tired of the rain which pretty much ruins all of their supplies
  • passing indian grounds

    passing indian grounds
    pioneers pass through plains indian grounds and make an agreement that if they let the travelers pass safley then they will have to pay a toll.
  • Stampede of Buffalo

    Stampede of Buffalo
    The pioneers almost get run over by a stampede of buffalo on the indians plains ground.
  • Mealtimes

    The mealtimes hear are not appetizing. They were not sanitary and not healthy at all.
  • river crossing

    river crossing
    When the pioneers hit a river they have to figure out a way to cross everything over safley and efficiently without getting pushed with the current.
  • The fort

    The fort
    After a long journey were you are running out of food and supplies you can stop at the fort and; mend, wash your clothes and yourself, buy supplies, relax, and sleep.
  • Animals dying

    Animals dying
    After a long journey and long ahead too, the pioneers animals started to die which left the pioneers with either little or nothing they could do.
  • delays on the trip

    delays on the trip
    The pioneers get stuck in front of the rockies because of the bad snowstorm.