Oregon Trail

  • Go West and Get Rich

    Go West and Get Rich
    They got a stong wagon and loaded it up with enough supplies to last at least five months. But they were careful not to make it heavier than the animals could pull.
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    Oregon Trail

  • Ganging Up - Don't Travel Alone

    Ganging Up - Don't Travel Alone
    Everyone met at Independence,Missouri. The town was packed and everyone was very excited. There were many rumors about the lack of water, floods and Indian attacks. The guide was a fur trapper and knew the trail.
  • Into the Unknown

    Into the Unknown
    The pioneers set off in a long line of wagons. There is lots of racing to get to the front of the line and lots of fighting, but the people soon realize that everyone has to work together to make this journey.
  • Wet and Weary

    Wet and Weary
    For the past two months all the pioneers have faced is grasslands in every direction. It is hot and the wind wipes the sand everywhere. But then came the rains with thunder and lightning and now they are covered in mud. The trip is no longer fun.
  • Watch Out - Indians

    Watch Out - Indians
    The pioneers met the Chinook Tribe and paid the necessary toll to pass through. Even though they did not attack the pioneers, they were very interested in their clothes and tools.
  • Stampede

    What the pioneers thought was thunder, was actually a stampede of buffalo. Many were able to move their wagons out of the way but several were completely destroyed. The pioneers got their revenge by shooting 10 of them.
  • Mealtimes - Feeling Queasy?

    Mealtimes - Feeling Queasy?
    Mealtime is not something any of the pioneers look forward to. Between the bugs, rancid bacon and bread full of sand many feel sick. So far this group has lost 8 people to cholera.
  • Sink or Swim River Crossing

    Sink or Swim River Crossing
    The pioneers had to take their chances crossing the rivers. They either had to build a raft and float across or cover the bottom of the wagon with buffalo skin and hope they would not sink. Several wagons flipped over and approximately 15 pioneers were lost.
  • At the Fort

    At the Fort
    The pioneers finally reach Fort Laramie. They are almost out of food and many of their animals are not going to last. At the Fort, the pioneers get rest, washed and restock their food and animals. They also get to fix the wagons and have some fun.
  • Done In and Done For

    Done In and Done For
    At this point in the trip, the animals are just about on their last legs. They are hungry, thirsty and exhausted but without them the pioneers would be lost. Several families had to stay behind to wait for the next wagon train and hope that they survive the wolves, bears and hostile tribes of Indians.
  • The Last Lap - Delays to your Journey

    The Last Lap - Delays to your Journey
    The pioneers do not have much time before the snow blocks the Rockies. They have faced rivers, cliffs, sloops, banks and gullies. And they have endured scurvy and mountain fever. They have to get to Oregon by October.
  • Journeys End - Your Own Piece of Oregon

    Journeys End - Your Own Piece of Oregon
    The pioneers finally arrived in Oregon but they are greeted with more work than they imagined. The land is covered in trees. They must first clear the land, then build shelter and plant crops. Even the animals that survived the trip are still put to work.