Order of Progression

  • Abolitionlist movement begins

    the movement to end slavery in america
  • Temerance Movement

    this movement was made to stop and cut down drinking in the U.S. to lower drunk abusive husbands
  • Transcendentalist

    the idea that people should make there own place in life
  • Seneca Falls

    Start of the Woman Rights Movement to push for voting rights and same rights as men
  • Free Soils Party

    Third party against trying to expand slavery into the west area
  • Radical Republicans

    mopolitcals that mostly opposed president Lincoln becuase they fealt hisingnoance of alaves during war and wanted him to push for slaves freedom
  • Labor Unions

    groups of workers who wanted to change working onditions and make a more socialist type economy, with one of the first being th Knights of labor
  • Period: to

    Era Of Progression

    he period in American history that included great economic growth,and social reform
  • Populist

    a peoples party based on poor white farmers against raliroads, banks and Elites
  • Progressives

    party supported by Roosvel, political ideology advocating social, political, and economic reform