Rookie year

On The Court With Michael Jordan

  • the rack

    the rack
    Michael Jordan loved basketball so did his brother when michael jordan was five his parents put in two basketball nets in the back yard. By the end of the week they didnt have any grass.
  • Your not good at basketball

    Your not good at basketball
    Michael Jordan tried out for basketball and the coach said your not good. so michael played jvand improved alot.
  • Your great

    Your great
    Michael improved alot and got on the varsity team andwas the star player.
  • collage

    Michael Jordan went to the university of North Carolina to play basketball and again he was the star player.
  • A very good player

    A very good player
    Michael was picked to playn in the olympics and that would detrmine his chance in the NBA.

    Michael Jordan got drafted to the bulls in 1985
  • problems

    The bulls had a difficault time adjusting to a new coach. the bulls got a new coach because kevin loughry
  • Rookie of the year

    Rookie of the year
    michael Jordan was recieved the Rookie of the year award.
  • best player

    best player
    After being NBA mvp ,rookie of the year and averiging 32.3 points in a game michael jordan was no the most popular player in the NBA.
  • slam dunk champion

    slam dunk champion
    michael jordan had won three slam dunk champion ships
  • champions!

    Michael Jordan had gotten 3 nba mvps 3 team mvps 2 player of the year awards and 3 slam dunk conests trophies.but now michael jordan had the thing hed been working for the championship trophie.
  • A few issues

    A few issues
    Michael jordan was saw in casinos wasting away thousands of dollars,but he appolagised and said fame can be difficault it gives you scars and evey body hasd them.
  • Dream team

    Dream team
    The olympics said that countrys could put there proffesional players int the olympics so The USA called it the dream team and they dominated never loosing a game. For the second time michael jordan got a gold medal.
  • Baseball

    michael retired basketball and went to play base ball for two years. He played on the chicago white sox.
  • Tragedy

    Michaels father was killed and robbed by two eighteen year olds. Michaels dad was at all of his games and was allways their for him.
  • Hes back

    Hes back
    Michael Jordan came back to the nba but wearing number 45 instead of 23.
  • Retirement

    Michael Jordan retired at the starting of the 1996 season.