OLIVERS_History Timeline

By Brigham
  • Period: Oct 29, 1480 to


  • Oct 14, 1492

    Colombus Finds America

    Christopher Columbus set sail from spain looking for an easier Asia trade route. After setting sail he and his crew had problems and witnessed many islands such as the caribbean islands. On the 14th of October 1492 they spotted North America,
  • 13 Original Colonies

    From 1607-1775 Great Britain was sending people towards North America where they started colonizing. The 13 Colonies were "split" into different ways of living they were called the New England colonies, Middle colonies, and Southern colonies. In 1784 the Colonies were freed from Britain and became independant.
  • French and Indian War

    This was a war that was fought between New France and British America. This was caused by the larger war already going on between France and Britain. It ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
  • 1760~1840 Industrial Revolution

    This was a period when new methods were discovered for manufacturing. Many industries such as textiles, farming, and much more were affected making it easier and faster to do jobs. This was largely due to water and steam power. Their was a second industrial revolution 1840-1870.
  • Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party is an event that happened after the British passed the Tea Act causing the price of tea to rise. In retalliation to the Tea Act and otehr taxes Colonists went to the harbor dressed as Indians and dumped the tea into the harbor in protest.
  • Revolutionary War

    The Revolutionary War was mostly between the 13 Colonies and Gerat Britain. There were a few causes such as taxes and Britain sending more troops to North America. This war had many battles and ended 8 years later in 1784 with the Treaty of Paris. This ended with the Colonies seperated from Britain.
  • Writing of the Constitution

    In May of 1787 representatives from the different states met to try and write up the new governments for the newly established Colonies. After a long time they finally came into agreement on the Constitutuion making many comprimises along the way.
  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark were head of the Corps of Discovery which was given the task of discovering the Lousiana Purchase. Their main task was to find a river that lead through the country for easy trade and to do the things that Thomas Jefferson would do. On the way sickness and accidents happened and explorers from the group died. They met many tribes and could not find a water route to the other side of the continent by the end of their journey.
  • Missouri Compromise

    The Missouri Compromise is a compromise for slavery. This compromise set a line across the states that allowed slavery below it and didn't allow slavery above it.
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Bleeding Kansas was a time where people fought over if they should have slavery or not. The two sides sometimes fought ending in bloody messes. Sometimes they would do executions and massacres which gives it the name Bloody Kansas.