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  • 1920's most popular show

    1920's most popular show
    In the 1930's TV became more popular. Comedy shows were the most popular source of entertainment on a radio. The most loved show was Amous 'n' Andy. This show aired every evening for 15 minutes and it was so popular that during those 15 minutes phone rate dropped by 50% and movie theaters stopped movies to play the show. Amos 'n' Andy was created by Freeman Gosden in March of 1928 and ended in November of 1960
  • First TV Show Drama

    First TV Show Drama
    In 1928 the first full length tv show was discovered. It was a US drama in one act called The Queens Messenger and was created by J. Harley Manners. The WGY radio station in Schenectday, New York first aired the show on September 11, 1928
  • TV shows from the 40's we all know

    TV shows from the 40's we all know
    In 1940 tv became more and more popular, some of the shows from 1940 are still popular today. Some of the classics we still love today that were first relased back then are, Tom and Jerry, The Goldbergs and Superman
  • The first episdoe of tv in colour

    The first episdoe of tv in colour
    The Tournament of Rose Parade is a US TV show aired to mark the state of the Rose Bowl Game. It was in fact the first national colour brodcast and aired on January 1, 1954. Although all-electronic colour was introduced in the US in 1953 it was highly expensive at the time.
  • The rise of TV in 1960s

    The rise of TV in 1960s
    by 1960 most americans had a tv, and we had the first ever tv political presidant debate Nixon and Kennedy. When Neil Armstrong walked on the moon it was aired on tv and globally over half a billion people were watching.
  • The most popular show of all time

    The most popular show of all time
    The most popular TV show of all time is Jeopordy. It was the unamious number 1 pick by millenials. The First every episdoe aired in 1960 but the most popular version of jepordy came out in 1974. It aired at nightime weekly and aired till 1975
  • Chris Evans Favourite Actor Of All Time

    Chris Evans Favourite Actor Of All Time
    Chris Evans is an american actor born in Boston. In my personal opinion Chris Evans is one of the most talented actors of our time, every single on of his movies I watch Im always impressed because he never fails to have an amazing performance. I became a fan of Chris after seeing him in Marvel and his role as Captain America. I find myself watching movies because hes in them and some of my favourites are, Captain America Civil War, Advengers Infinity War, Knives Out and Nanny Diaries.
  • The peak of TV in the 80s

    The peak of TV in the 80s
    TV has been going up since it first came out no doubt, some of the most popular tv shows of the 80's are 21 Jump street(1987-1991), Charlies Angles(1979-1981), and Cheers(1982-1993). In the 1970s around 15.5 million people in the US watched TV and in the 1980s the vewing count was around 25 million so between the decades the TV vewing count went up by 9.5 million
  • 1990s the peak of tv

    1990s the peak of tv
    Theres no doubt that the 1990s were the peak of TV, for example the most popular TV shows of the 90s are The Xfiles, Friends and Seinfeild. These are shows people in my Gneration still watch today , I belive that in the 90s TV did in fact peak the most watched TV episode in the past 20 years is the TV finale of friends.
  • The best 2000 show

    The best 2000 show
    In my ultimite personal opion from 2005-2015 the BEST tv shows were made and relased. One of the most popular TV show of all time is Criminal Minds it is one out of two of the only shows from 2000s on the list. It is personally one of my favourite TV shows of all time as well, I think it is one of the best TV show created.
  • Prime Video

    Prime Video
    Prime Video is a streaming sight almost as old as Netflix, Prime video being 2006 Netflix being 2007. Prime Video originally started out as Amazon Unbox. Prime Video is available in over 200 countries and has around 126 million users.
  • Netflix

    In January 2007, the streaming company Netflix was relased. Netflix has plenty of shows to stream 40% of the shows being netflix originals. And as of July 2021 Netflix has 209 million subscribers 72 million of them being from US and Canada
  • Most Popular Reality TV Shows

    Most Popular Reality TV Shows
    There is no doubt that reality TV is huge nowadays, I mean who doesnt love spending hours watching celebritys or random people comepete for money. Reality TV has defitnitly peaked throughout the 2000s. The most popular shows being, RuPauls Drag Race, Housewives of New Jersey, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Love Island.
  • My favourite show of all time

    My favourite show of all time
    My favourite show of all time is in fact The Vampire Diares created by Julie Plec. It was a show released in 2019 and went on for 8 seasons and finished in 2018, Julie Plec the creator then went on to make a spinoff of the show called The Orignals which was realsed in 2013, then she also created a spin off from The Originals call ed Legacies which was released in 2018. The Vampire Diares veiwers age range is from 18-49 (I defitnly think its younger then that) and has around 3.53 million veiwers.
  • Disney+

    Disney+ came out quite recently only in November of 2019, Disney+ is another streaming sight that streams mainily Disney madde shows or movies. Disney+ added another content hub but is streamed off of Disney+ it is called STAR. STAR added the feature of having more of a selection on Disney+, mainly shows and movies for an older age demographic. STAR was added to Disney+ on February 23, 2021