North Dakota

  • The First Governor

    Abraham Lincon appointed his personal physician Dr. William Jayne to be the first governor of the Dakota Territory. Dr. Jayne resigned as governor of the Dakota Territory after serving for two years. The governors of territories were appointed by the president and were not elected by the people of that territory.
  • Alexander Mckenzie

    Alexander Mckenzie was a Northern Pacific railroad construction worker. He was their political agent. He went to persuade people to work for government decisions that would benefit the railroad company that was his job. The main railroad line went through Bismark Northern Pacific Railroad wanted the capital to be placed there. He and The governor at the time Nehemiah Ordway were good friends and were talking about this act.
  • Moving the Capital

    They wanted to move the capital out of Yankton. Governor Ordway was to pick commissioners and have a meeting in Yankton within 30 days. He picked McKenzie and 8 other political friends. They knew that the people of Yankton did not want the capital to be moved to another town. The people of Yankton had a meeting to distract the commissioners. The law stated they had to meet in Yankton. The people of Yankton tried to keep the commissioners out of Yankton so they couldn't have the meeting.
  • New Capital

    The city that wanted to be the capital had to give 160 acres of land and 100,00$ to be the capital. Six towns in the south and three in the north applied to be the new capital. McKenzie tried to convince that Bismarck was the best option after they offered 100,00 and 320 acres of land. The commissioners decided Bismarck was the best choice.
  • Moving the Capital pt.2

    But the commissioners had a plan of their own. just before the sunrise a train locomotive pulling one train slowly went through Yankton. On the train were the commissioners. As the people of Yankton slept they went through the town. The "meeting on wheels" was called to order. and the meeting was adjourned by the time they were out of the town the law had been followed and the capital was moved to a new city.
  • Now a State

    Benjamin Harrison became president of the United States. He favored the territory becoming different states. They met requirements in the population which was 60,000. South had 340,000 and north had 150,000. As Harrison signed the papers he did not want to show favor to either state. He shuffled the papers and covered the names of the state. He signed and shuffled again. Nobody knew which one he signed first. sense n comes before s North Dakota is considered the 39th and south Dakota the 40th.