North Carolina Historical African Americans

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    Elizzabeth Cotten

    I am North Carolina native Elizzabeth Cotten and i was born in Chapel Hill on january 5,1895. When i was eight i started to play my big brothers bango. later i played my big brothers guitar. when i had enough money i got my own guitar and named it stella. On febuary in 1910 i got married to Frank Cotten and i was only 15 years old. I stopped playing the guitar for 25 years. I had a daughter and i named her lillie. I died June 29,1987.
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    elizabeth cotten

    i am north carolina native Elizabeth Cotten and i was born Jan. 5,1895.when i was 8 i started playng my brothers bango.later i started to play my brothers hidden guitar.when i had enough money i bought my own guitar and named it stella. on feb. 1910 i got married to frank cotten when i was only 15 years old and i named my daughter lillie.I stopped playing guitar for 25 years.i died on june 29,1987 and i was 92 years old.
  • Maya Angelo

    Hello.I am North Carolina ive, Maya Angelo.I was born on April 4, 1928, in St. Louis, Missouri.When I was young I lived in Egypt.During World War 2, I moved to San Fransisco.In 2008, I earned a NAACP award.I am known for my poetry.I am very good friends with Oprah Winfrey
  • Mike Evans

    I am North Carolina Native American, I was born in Salisbary, North Carolina in Febuary 3, 1949. When I was very young my dentist father and my school instructor mother moved us to Las Angelas. In the early 1970's I took the Norman Lear TV train to sitcom stardom. In 1971 I played as Lionel Jefferson in Lear's iconic sitcom "All In The Family." And in December 14, 2006 I died of throat cancer.
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    Mike Evans

  • Micheal jordan

    Micheal jordan was born febuary 17,1963 in brooklyn new york.He led the chicago bulls to six national chapion ships.His fathers name is James Jordan.Two teenagers killed his dad James Jordan.So he retired to persue baseball.
  • Willie Parker

    Willie Parker was born
  • MeaDowLark Lemon

    I was born in April 25,1932 in North Carolina